Angelina Jolie’s leaked email to Brad Pitt’s shows the reality of their marriage and divorce

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, once the beloved couple of Hollywood, went through a devastating divorce that has now escalated into a bitter legal battle. The heart of this legal dispute is their estate in the south of France, Miraval, known for its successful wines.

The couple acquired the property in 2008, right before the birth of their twins, Knox and Vivienne. Miraval was also the location of their 2014 wedding, and they were equal 50/50 owners of this property and the wine-making ventures.

As the couple’s relationship soured, so did their fight over Miraval. Originally, a doomsday clause was suggested by Jolie’s business manager, allowing either party to buy the other’s share if they split. However, they dismissed this clause, thinking it would never be needed.

In an email dated January 21, 2021, Jolie informed Pitt of her decision to sell Miraval, mentioning that it’s a business centered around alcohol, possibly referencing an infamous incident where an intoxicated Pitt allegedly mistreated their children on a plane. Following this, Jolie filed for divorce.

In February 2021, Pitt agreed to pay Jolie $54.5 million to buy her stake in Miraval. However, the sale was complicated by their ongoing divorce proceedings, with Jolie submitting sealed court documents alleging domestic abuse by Pitt. In return for the property sale, Pitt asked Jolie to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) preventing her from discussing his personal conduct outside of court. Jolie found this NDA to be an “unconscionable gag order.”

On October 5, 2021, Jolie sold her stake in Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, a wine division of the Stoli group, for $67 million, which Pitt saw as retaliation for his success in gaining 50-50 custody of their children. Subsequently, Judge John Ouderkirk, who awarded Pitt joint custody, was removed from the case, and his ruling was vacated.

In February 2022, Pitt filed a lawsuit against Jolie, her holding company, and the new owners of Miraval, claiming that Jolie had not contributed to the success of Miraval. Stoli filed a counter-complaint against Pitt, accusing him and his allies of devaluing their investments and obstructing their role in managing Chateau Miraval, a renowned rosé wine producer.

On June 1, 2023, Pitt sought to reverse Jolie’s sale of Nouvel, her holding company. Jolie’s representatives argued that Pitt had never publicly denied the accusations.

The legal battles have taken an emotional toll on both parties, and the situation is deeply surprising. What’s your perspective on this ongoing legal dispute? Share your thoughts in the comments.