Barry Gibb shared that his wife, who he’s been with for more than 50 years, had chances to be with a famous actor.

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The Bee Gees used to be one of the most successful and popular music groups in the world. Three brothers, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, made up the group.

Besides being famous singers, the brothers had interesting personal lives. Sadly, only one of the brothers is alive now, and he recently shared something very interesting.

You might recognize the name Barry Gibb. He’s a British musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for being part of the Bee Gees. The Bee Gees gave the world amazing hits like “How Deep Is Your Love,” “More Than A Woman,” and the classic “Stayin’ Alive.”

Barry Gibb, one-third of the group, was famous for his impressive high-pitched singing. But he wasn’t just a great singer; he was also known for his songwriting skills, earning him many awards, as many or even more than John Lennon and Paul McCartney.



Barry Gibb, along with his brothers, got into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994. Then, in 1997, they were honored by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the Bee Gees. In 2002, Barry was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and in 2018, he was knighted.

Even though his professional life brought him a lot of success, his personal life had some sad moments. He lost both of his brothers from the Bee Gees. His love life also had some tough times until he met Linda Gray, the former Miss Edinburgh. They got along well and got married on September 1, 1970. Since then, they have been together through good times and bad.

But there was a time when a successful actor was interested in Linda Gray and was trying to take her away from Barry.



The Bee Gees, the three brothers, had a hard time with fame, and they turned to substances to cope. Barry Gibb’s brother, Andy, died in 1988 at just 30 years old. Then, Maurice passed away in 2003 during an operation. Reports say that Barry and Maurice were not talking to each other when Maurice died. Finally, Robin died in 2012 because of cancer.

Barry Gibb is the only one who didn’t rely on substances or get caught up in addiction, and he credits his wife for that. He said, “My brothers had their struggles, but I was married to a lady who wouldn’t allow it.” He explained, “I could bring drugs home, but they would end up in the toilet. She never let me go down that path. I was fortunate.”

“I’ve had to deal with losing not only my brothers but also my mom and dad. What I’ve learned from all of it is that life keeps going, and you keep going with it.” After losing his brothers, Barry started his solo career.



Before marrying Linda Gray, Barry Gibb was married to Maureen Bates. It was his first marriage, and it lasted for four years. They got divorced in July 1970, just two months before he married Linda Gray. But his marriage to Linda has lasted a long time. She supported him through his toughest times.

Reports say that when Barry and Linda first met, there was an instant connection. They met on the TV show “Top of the Pops,” where the Bee Gees were performing their new song “Massachusetts.”

Barry and Linda sneaked off to a nearby studio to spend some time alone, according to sources. Later, Barry said, “She was the hostess for one week, the week ‘Massachusetts’ was No. 1. And she’d never heard of it. We just saw each other across the room, and something happened.”



Barry Gibb and Linda Gray have been together for more than 50 years. They have five children and seven grandchildren. In 2009, they became American citizens. Before they met, a friend tried to set them up, and even tennis star Evonne Goolagong tried to connect them about 25 years ago.

Barry mentioned that Linda was quite popular and even actor Steve McQueen was interested in her. He said, “One time, we were in Los Angeles, and Steve McQueen tried to take off with Linda on the back of his motorbike! She’s a very beautiful woman and had just as many opportunities as me!”

But despite the attention from others, they stayed loyal to each other, and it has led to a wonderful life together.