Age-Defying Susan Sarandon Claps Back at Fashion Critics with Flawless Response

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Susan Sarandon is like the most famous actress of her time. She’s not just awesome in movies; she’s also known for being real and not hiding anything in her everyday life.

People started saying not-so-nice things about her choices. But instead of getting upset, she chose to teach them something.



Susan Sarandon is a really famous actress in Hollywood. She’s been in the business for a long time and is still doing great. One of the movies that made her famous is The Rocky Horror Picture Show from 1975, where she played Janet Weiss. People saw how talented she was.

After that, she starred in some really good movies like Thelma & Louise, which everyone loved. She even got nominated for an Academy Award, which is a big deal in the movie world. Later on, she won an Academy Award for her role in Dead Man Walking.

Besides acting, Susan Sarandon is also known for being confident about her body and showing her style through fashion. She doesn’t apologize for being herself and speaks up for the things she believes in.



Some folks were wondering why Susan Sarandon chose to wear a white jacket and a black bra to a fancy event. A reporter said it was “totally inappropriate.” Instead of talking about it, Sarandon shared an old picture of herself in just underwear, showing how fit she is. It was like saying, “Look, I don’t need to explain myself; this is me.”

She believes that time is precious, so she doesn’t waste energy on small things. She surrounds herself with people who are lively, curious, brave, and adventurous.

When someone asked how she stays looking young, Sarandon said, “To age gracefully, you should laugh a lot, exercise normally, eat well, and avoid too much sun.” But she also mentioned that having an amazing makeup and hair team helps keep up appearances.

Susan Sarandon is undoubtedly unique! The actress ignores everyone who has unfavorable things to say about her and follows her own path. What do you think of her answer to critics?

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