Before Hollywood: A Glimpse into the Past of Reeves’ Gray-Haired Partner

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Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, just turned 50! News says that the 58-year-old actor is going to marry her. This will be his first time getting married, and Alexandra is the lucky lady.




It’s like a miracle! She won the heart of one of the most wanted single guys in Hollywood. People on the internet are talking a lot about this news, especially about what Alexandra Grant looks like.



People who like the actor noticed that Alexandra Grant, who is 50, looks older than the 58-year-old star because of her gray hair. She mentioned in an interview that her hair started turning gray when she was in her twenties. To keep a natural and real look, soon-to-be Mrs. Reeves chooses not to use hair dye because she’s concerned about its possible effects on women’s bodies.



Reporters were really curious, so they looked at old pictures of Alexandra from before her hair turned gray and before she started dating the Hollywood icon.



Old pictures of them got people talking online. Some said the couple doesn’t seem like a good match, and others thought they looked more like a mom and son. Even though people have different opinions, many agree that Grant is a smart and interesting woman. They think she and Reeves must have a lot to talk about.