Elegant at 90: Joan Collins Radiates Beauty in Captivating Swimwear Snapshot

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Joan Collins is like a superstar, no matter how you look at it.

Now that she’s getting close to her 90s, she might not be as glitzy and glamorous as before, but that doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying herself and feeling good about her body.


A lot of the new stars out there could learn a thing or two from Joan Collins about being graceful, poised, and disciplined. She’s an incredible woman who’s lived an amazing life and is still doing so!

You might recognize her from Dynasty, a popular TV show where she played Alexis Carrington Colby. This role made Joan a big deal worldwide, and in 1984, the show was watched by more people than any other program in the country. Can you believe she was earning $15,000 for each episode back then? Around 21 million homes tuned in every week to see what her character, who was a bit selfish and cunning, would do next.



Joan Collins is like a trailblazer – the first powerful woman on TV. But you know, she got some criticism for it. People called her a ballbreaker, a vixen, and snobbish. She told CBS in 2019 that she was just standing up for herself as a strong, independent woman.

Now, it’s almost been 70 years since she first appeared on the screen, and guess what? She’s still working in showbiz! In 2022, she was in Tomorrow Morning and The Gentle Sex, and there’s another movie called In Bed with the Duchess that’s in the works.

She’s not just in movies; she’s also all over social media. Last month, when a lot of the US was freezing, Joan Collins brought the heat. She shared a picture during the holiday season of her looking amazing next to her 57-year-old husband, Percy Gibson. They were enjoying warm weather in Beverly Hills, around 82°F.

Joan was wearing this stylish leopard print swimsuit, and people couldn’t stop talking about it. Even though she’s almost 90, she looked absolutely radiant. Talk about staying cool and chic!



Joan Collins has been married five times. Her first marriage was to actor Maxwell Reed, but it only lasted four years. Then, she married singer-songwriter Anthony Newley. After that, she tied the knot with businessman Ronald S. Kass, followed by Swedish pop star Peter Holm.

She says she made mistakes in some of her marriages, but she doesn’t regret any because she has three amazing children – Tara and Alexander from her marriage to Tony and Katy from her marriage to Ron. However, she did mention regretting marrying Peter Holm.

Joan says her closest and best marriage is with Percy. She opened up about their romance during the pandemic, saying that being in lockdown made her realize how strong their connection is. Even though she loves having visitors, going on vacations, and being social, she appreciates the special bond she shares with Percy.

No matter what people say, Joan Collins is a legend and an icon, and she looks incredible for her age. If you’re a fan of Joan or any of her other works, help spread the word about this post!