Breaking News: William and Kate Affair Rumors – The Verdict is In!

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William and Kate appear to be an incredibly well-matched couple. They first met while attending the University of St. Andrews, and despite facing their fair share of challenges, they managed to overcome them and eventually got married. Today, they have a beautiful family together. It remains to be seen when William will take on the responsibilities of the throne, especially considering his father, King Charles, is getting older.

Both Prince William and Princess Kate highly value their relationships, particularly those with their close friends. However, there was a startling allegation a few years back that shook the royal family and left fans in disbelief. What made it even more shocking was that the rumored third party was one of Kate’s closest friends. So, what’s the real story behind this? And who exactly is this alleged mistress? Let’s delve deeper into the details.

Prince William and Princess Kate first crossed paths while studying at St Andrews University. Both of them were in relationships prior to meeting, but it quickly became clear that their connection was special.

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They decided to share living quarters at St. Salvator’s Hall, attending classes and lectures together. In their second year, they moved in with a couple of friends into a private residence, where their love story began to flourish.

Their bond was further solidified by their shared sense of humor. William once mentioned, “She’s got a really naughty sense of humour, which really helps me because I’ve got a really dirty sense of humour so it was good fun, we had a really good laugh, and then things happened,” in a video during their engagement.

Soon after, it wasn’t just whispers of love in the air, but also intense scrutiny from the British tabloids. They delved deep into Kate’s personal life, resorting to unkind nicknames.

In 2005, both William and Kate graduated. William earned a Master of Arts degree in geography, while Kate achieved the same in history.

Despite their strong connection, it appeared that external forces sought to test their relationship. According to Katie Nicholl, William’s friends resorted to calling Kate cruel names and making subtle jabs, often centered around her mother Carole’s profession. Carole had previously worked as an air hostess for British Airways before establishing a highly successful business with her husband, Michael.

According to Nicholl on Vanity Fair’s Dynasty podcast, William’s upper-crust friends seized upon this opportunity. They would slyly utter “doors to manual” when Kate entered London nightclubs.

Reports surfaced of certain aristocrats referring to the princess’s family as “the en masse Middletons.”

Kate endured hurtful nicknames from William’s circle of friends.

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These aristocratic companions of the prince, known as the “Glosse Posse” due to their Gloucestershire origins, treated Kate as if she were beneath them. Despite this, Kate never stooped to acknowledge their derogatory comments. Instead, she chose to rise above it.

“It wasn’t easy, but she possesses an extraordinary strength of character and resilience. I’ve never once witnessed or heard of her losing her temper,” shared a royal aide with the Sunday Times Magazine.

In 2021, an insider revealed to the Daily Mail that Prince William reacted strongly when his friends belittled his beloved girlfriend.

“He becomes very upset at any indication of Kate being patronized, and he addresses it swiftly. It’s one of his sensitive points,” the royal source disclosed.

“Over the years, many people have offered suggestions for her, but if they’re presented in a dismissive manner, they receive a rather curt response from him.”

At that juncture, many believed this was the prelude to an impending engagement. However, within two years, the situation took a turn for the worse.

In 2007, William and Kate experienced a highly publicized breakup. Allegedly, their relationship had become unstable a year prior, as they began declining each other’s invitations to spend significant holidays together.


For instance, William declined Kate’s New Year’s Eve invitation to her parents’ place just days before, which left Kate in tears.

In 2011, according to Nicholl’s book “The Making of a Royal Romance,” Kate was worried about the future of their relationship. William had initially agreed to spend time with Kate and her family, but he called on Boxing Day to cancel, choosing instead to stay with the royals.

Feeling uncertain, the future king sought counsel from the Queen and his father, Charles, about his emotions. They provided clear advice.

“William had been having second thoughts and sat down with his father and his grandmother to have a frank discussion about his future with Kate. Both advised him not to hurry into anything,” Nicholl stated in her book.

However, William and Kate’s love story was far from over. Their connection remained strong, and they reconciled.

On April 29, 2011, they exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey. Over the years, they welcomed three children: Prince George in 2013, Princess Charlotte in 2015, and Prince Louis in 2018 – with George poised to become a future king.

Prince William and Princess Kate have set an example for how royals should conduct themselves publicly and raise their children. Their commitment to giving George, Charlotte, and Louis a normal upbringing, despite the unique challenges they face due to their royal status, has been evident for many years.

However, in 2019, a devastating rumor circulated in a US tabloid, sending shockwaves through the royal family. The question on many minds: Had William been unfaithful?

Rumors swirled about an alleged affair between William and Kate’s friend, Rose Hanbury. It’s crucial to emphasize that nothing has been confirmed. In April 2019, the American publication In Touch reported that William “may” have had an affair with Rose Hanbury, who also happens to be the Marchioness of Cholmondeley and a friend of Kate’s.

Tabloids buzzed about a reported “falling out” between William, Kate, and Rose. In Touch claimed that Kate confronted William about the reports, but he dismissed them, insisting the rumors were untrue.

Rose Hanbury, pictured here, holds the title of Marchioness of Cholmondeley. While it took some time before she became close to the royal circle, she and Kate share a longstanding friendship. Reports from Tatler indicate that William, Kate, Rose, and Rose’s husband David, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, once went on double dates. Additionally, both Rose and Kate serve as patrons for the East Anglia Children’s Hospice.

Rose Hanbury attended the prestigious Stowe boarding school before pursuing an Open University Degree. She briefly pursued a career in modeling and was signed to the Storm modeling agency, the same agency that discovered Kate Moss.

However, she ultimately shifted her career path and began working as a political researcher for the Conservative MP Michael Gove. As mentioned earlier, Rose and Kate, along with their former boyfriends turned husbands, used to double-date. Rose and David met during a holiday in 2003, and six years later, they tied the knot at Chelsea Town Hall.

The couple has been blessed with three children. In 2009, twin brothers Alexander, known as the Earl of Rocksavage, and Lord Oliver Cholmondeley were born, followed by their daughter, Lady Iris, in 2016.

It’s been mentioned that the two young boys often play with Prince George. Additionally, Lord Oliver had a special role as one of King Charles’ Pages of Honor during the coronation in May.

Over the years, Rose Hanbury has been seen in close company with the royal family on multiple occasions. In 2017, during a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, Rose sat beside Prince Harry. More recently, her husband was appointed Lord-in-Waiting to King Charles, a title denoting a noble family member who serves as a personal attendant in the monarch’s household.

Reports of hurtful affair rumors were dismissed by an insider. The 2019 speculations about an affair between William and Rose were met with surprise and bewilderment by William, David, Kate, and Rose, according to a source from the Daily Mail.

“The hurtful rumors of a falling out are completely untrue. William and David were in contact over the weekend, not knowing whether to laugh or complain,” the insider stated.

“Both wives are hurt by the suggestion of any disagreement or even coolness between them. They have plans for future events involving their charity.”

Another friend noted at the time, “It has now become very upsetting, and they are all concerned for each other, as they have never before had to start denying something for which there is no evidence or even a smidgen of truth. It is just mad.”

There has been no confirmation of the rumors, with the lack of evidence strongly suggesting they never occurred. Further evidence of the amicable relationship between Kate and Rose was revealed some time ago, when it became known that the long-time friends attended a music festival together.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Kate invited her friends to join her at the Houghton Music Festival, situated in the serene Norfolk countryside. The festival, a non-stop 24-hour event with royal guests among the 12,000 attendees, takes place at the sprawling 1000-acre Houghton Hall estate, owned by David and Rose.

On the subject of the festival, it was mentioned that Kate initially had dinner at David and Rose’s home when considering attending.

“Catherine was nervous about the idea, but after much discussion with her protection officers, she went with lots of security. William wasn’t there,” a source shared with the Daily Mail.

The princess and her companions relished in the major music event, taking a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, they opted not to visit the food trucks for a quick bite.

The London Evening Standard reported that Kate and her friends opted for the festival restaurant, Turntable & Napkin. Kate, as per the news outlet’s source, was “in high spirits, ordering spicy margaritas, eating affogato, and chatting amicably with the other members of her party.”

“It was said that Kate and her companions brought in a massive, balthazar-sized bottle of AIX rosé and, along with Kate, left a £700 tip for the restaurant staff.”