Dolly Parton Opens Up: Revealing the Untold Story of 57 Years of Marriage

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The renowned 76-year-old country music icon, Dolly Parton, is a household name in both popular culture and the music industry.

Despite dedicating the majority of her life to performing and singing, this native of Tennessee has risen to the status of a true legend, delighting her countless fans along the way.

However, the time has come for the legendary superstar to announce that she will be stepping back from touring, though she will continue to release new music.

In a recent interview, Dolly Parton clarified that she won’t be embarking on tours anymore. She stated:

“I’ll do special shows here and there, now and then. Maybe do a long weekend of shows, or just a few shows at a festival. But I have no intention of going on a full-blown tour anymore.”

Dolly Parton, who triumphed over a challenging upbringing in the Appalachian Mountains to become one of the brightest stars in the entertainment world, will undoubtedly be dearly missed on stage.

At 76 years old, the legendary figure in country music has decided to focus on recording music and spending quality time with her devoted husband, Carl Thomas Dean, rather than embarking on tours.

Their story began back in 1964 in Nashville, Tennessee, in front of the Wishy Washy Laundromat. Dolly was just 18 years old, while Carl was 21. In that moment, Carl sensed there was something truly special about her.

He later reminisced, saying, “My first thought was, ‘I’m gonna marry that girl.’ My second thought was, ‘Lord, she’s good lookin’.’ And that was the day my life began. I wouldn’t trade the last 50 years for anything on this earth.”

As Dolly recounted in a 1976 interview with the New York Times, Carl was sitting in his pickup truck when he saw her and “hollered” at her.

Initially, she turned down his invitation for a date. However, a few days later, while she was looking after her nephew, she invited him over. That marked the beginning of a love story that would endure for a lifetime.

Back in May of 1966, Dolly and Carl decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony held in Ringgold, Georgia. Despite pressure from her record label to postpone the wedding due to her burgeoning career, Dolly and Carl were eager to begin their life together. They chose Georgia over Tennessee to keep the event low-key. Only Dolly, Carl, and her mother were in attendance.

Since that momentous day, Dolly and Carl’s love has only deepened. In 2016, they joyously marked their 50th anniversary by renewing their vows, a testament to their enduring commitment.

Now, with Dolly’s decision to step back from touring, they’ll have even more precious time together. In a candid interview with Pollstar, Dolly explained her reasoning:

“I’ve been on the road my whole life, and it demands so much time and energy. I’d rather stay closer to home with my husband. We’re at a stage in life where being away for weeks at a time doesn’t sit right with me,” Dolly shared. She added, “Something could happen. I wouldn’t feel right if I were away and someone needed me. Or I’d feel awful if I had to leave a tour because someone back home needed my help, and then I’d have to disappoint the fans.”

Dolly also mentioned that her latest musical endeavors are dedicated to the rock n’ roll genre, a musical preference of her husband’s. In fact, just this past May, Dolly received a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“When I received the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination, I thought, ‘Well, there’s no better time to do it.’ It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My husband’s a big hard rock ‘n’ roll fan, and for years I’ve thought, ‘One of these days I’d like to put together an album mainly for him, just as a little something special.'”

Recently, Dolly’s been busy with her new NBC special, “Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas,” which premiered on December 1st. She’s also been dedicating time to work on her upcoming album.

“It’s like a show within a show. We’re focusing on the dramatic side. It’s showing all the behind-the-scenes action that happens while you’re putting together a show. All the debates with producers, the challenges with artists, the mishaps with scenery falling down, and all the things that go on backstage. I wouldn’t call it acting, because I’m just completely myself in this. It’s all Dolly, no character play.”

Additionally, Dolly is teaming up with actor-turned-producer Reese Witherspoon for the upcoming movie “Run, Rose, Run,” based on the book of the same name co-written by Witherspoon and James Patterson.

Dolly Parton’s Health: Dolly Parton has always embodied resilience and strength for many of us. But as we’ve seen, she has her own reasons for scaling back on extensive tours. When you consider what she’s been through, it all becomes clear.

Dolly understands the importance of heeding your body’s warnings. In the 1980s, she battled health issues but chose to soldier on for the sake of her career.

At 35, she fell seriously ill, even collapsing on stage during a performance in Indianapolis. This iconic country singer, at the height of her career, was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition characterized by pain, heavy periods, fatigue, and the growth of the womb’s lining on other organs.

However, Dolly brushed it off, labeling her suffering as “feminine difficulties.” Her doctor in Indianapolis advised her to take a break before the show, but she chose to push through. After collapsing on stage, she was flown to New York to see a specialist. Due to health concerns, she had to postpone the last 30 dates of her 35-city U.S. and Canadian tour.

Shortly after, she underwent a partial hysterectomy.

“I was getting away with murder. I wasn’t watching what I ate, I wasn’t mindful of nutrition, I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was working hard, and underneath, I was a mess of personal and emotional issues.”

Now, Dolly, enjoy your life to the fullest. We’ll always have love for you.