Father commits and act of generosity for this elderly woman at the grocery store

Most of us think we would always do what’s right, but in reality, that doesn’t happen often.

Imagine you see someone you don’t know having a hard time in a public place. You might feel sorry for them, but not many people would actually do something to help.

But this dad, he did exactly that…


Ryan O’Donnell was at a local supermarket in Australia with his two young kids, just doing some food shopping. While waiting in line, he noticed that the elderly woman in front of them was having trouble paying at the cash register.

Her credit card kept getting declined, and it seemed like she didn’t have any other way to pay for the small amount of groceries she had. Ryan didn’t like the idea of her leaving without her groceries, so he took out $50 from his wallet and paid for her $44 purchase.

The older woman was really grateful and wanted to know how she could repay him. But Ryan told her not to worry and wished her well with kindness.


Guess what happened next? Someone at the store secretly recorded Ryan’s good deed, capturing the moment he helped the elderly woman. They posted a picture of it online, and the post became really popular. Many people were impressed by Ryan’s kindness.

When a local reporter asked him why he decided to help a stranger, Ryan shared, “I did what my parents taught me – to help others when I could! Realistically it was just because the lady reminded me of my mum and grandma, and that’s how my mum and dad brought me up. If you can help, you do it where and when to the best of your ability.”

Ryan’s story has inspired a lot of people, and many of us might want to be more like him in the future! It makes us imagine how much better the world could be if everyone showed a bit more kindness like Ryan.

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