“Gave Up Old Lady” Fans Went Over Pfeiffer s Makeup-Free Photo From Vacation

Incredibly, Michelle Pfeiffer, who famously portrayed the iconic Catwoman in the superhero film, is now 64 years old.

Although the actress hasn’t been in the limelight much recently, she continues to share glimpses of her daily life with her fans.

Not long ago, Michelle posted several photos from her property, in which she is seen lounging by the pool.

It’s noteworthy that Pfeiffer shared these images without a trace of makeup and dressed in casual home attire.

Numerous comments highlighted that the actress looks remarkable for her age, with some even dubbing her “purebred” (presumably a nod to her renowned “feline” role).

Nevertheless, there were a few detractors who felt the need to remark that in recent years, “the aging star had let herself go, suggesting she would look more appealing with makeup.