Geena Davis became a mom for the first time when she was 46 years old. Unfortunately, her ex-husband, Jeff Goldblum, didn’t want to have kids with her.

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You probably know Geena Davis from her famous roles in movies and TV shows. She’s a well-known actress loved by many. However, in her personal life, she faced some challenges.

Geena Davis, like many people, always had the dream of becoming a mom. She had this deep desire to have children. But, as we all know, life can be unpredictable, and it didn’t unfold exactly as she had hoped.


Geena Davis is now 66 years old and is living her life to the fullest. She had a successful career in Hollywood and is now sharing more about her personal life.

In her life, Geena has been married three times. Her first marriage was to someone named Richard Emmolo, but not much is known about him. After that, she married actor Jeff Goldblum in 1987, but their marriage only lasted for four years. Her third marriage was to Finnish director Renny Harlin, which ended in 1998 after five years. Despite being in love with all her husbands, Geena never had any children from these marriages.

Later, it was revealed that Jeff Goldblum’s hesitation about having children might have been the reason for their breakup. In a 1989 GQ interview, Geena mentioned the tension in their relationship, saying, “Jeff has this idea that when we agree on a name, I’ll instantly get pregnant. But you should hear the names he comes up with: Sophie, Jasper, Fuji.”


Even though Geena Davis had already gone through two divorces by her 40s, she didn’t let that stop her from building a family. In her 40s, the time when many women have finished having kids, Geena started her journey into motherhood.

Geena became a mom at the age of 46 when she had her daughter Alizeh. Later, at the age of 48, she gave birth to twin sons named Kaiis and Kian. She shared her thoughts about becoming a mother later in life, expressing gratitude for having children in her 40s. Geena wanted to wait, thinking that she could be a more evolved and confident parent if she took more time. She was determined to make sure her kids grew up with a strong sense of self-esteem.


In Geena Davis’s new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” she shares some important things about her life. In the book, she talks about her parents, mentioning that, like many people in New England, they were extremely polite. According to Geena, being overly polite meant not having needs or asking for anything from others.

Geena reflects on how this attitude influenced her and made her think twice about having children until she had matured. She describes the mindset of not wanting to inconvenience others with her needs and feeling like she shouldn’t ask for anything. This realization led her to wait until she felt more mature and ready to become a parent.

In the end, Geena is glad she made the decision to wait. She values the choice to become a parent when she was older and more mature, believing it was the right time for her.

Geena Davis feels fortunate that she became a mom later in life. She acknowledges that she changed a lot as a person before deciding to have kids. Even though she always knew she wanted children, she hadn’t tried earlier. Having kids late has been a great experience for her, and she especially enjoys the fun of having twins.

The man who became a father with Geena Davis is Reza Jerrahy, a highly respected craniofacial surgeon in Southern California. They got married in 2001, but in 2017, they separated and filed for divorce in 2018. During the divorce, Geena argued that their marriage wasn’t legally recognized because they never obtained a marriage license, having only a ‘ceremony.’ Her ex-husband countered that the ceremony was conducted by his father, who was a recognized officiant under Islamic law.

Geena Davis took her time before becoming a mother, making sure she was ready for the journey into parenthood. Share this article with friends and family to show that becoming a mother later in life is possible!