Goldie Hawn was spotted without makeup, walking around in the daytime with her natural look.

Celebrities often look perfect all the time, which can make us feel bad about ourselves. But then we remember they have stylists and makeup artists helping them. When we see paparazzi photos of them without makeup, we realize they’re just like us.

The cool thing is, lots of famous people share photos of themselves without makeup. It shows they’re normal people too. Recently, stars like Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston have all posted makeup-free selfies.

Goldie Hawn thinks it’s hard to go against Hollywood’s beauty standards. She’s turning 75 this year and says it’s tough to show Hollywood you’re still sexy and important as you get older. But she’s not mad about it. She believes anger doesn’t help.

Even though she’s been in Hollywood for a long time, Goldie Hawn has always been seen as America’s sweetheart. Her blonde hair and natural beauty made her really popular.

She’s a grandma now, with six grandkids, and she was on the cover of People Magazine’s “Beautiful Issue.” Everyone agrees she still looks amazing.

Goldie Hawn says she learned to love herself more as she acted in more movies. She knows not everyone will think she’s beautiful, and that’s okay. “Some people might think you’re pretty, others might not,” she says. People share a lot of opinions, so you have to be strong. To do that, you need to know yourself and what you really think about yourself. That’s how she learned about her inner beauty.

A while ago, a paparazzi took a photo of her without makeup during the day. Some people said she looked different, while others liked that she didn’t seem to worry about it.

Goldie Hawn shares her skincare routine. She says sleep is super important, along with using good oils, exfoliating dead skin, and using sunscreen every day. She massages her creams into her face, too.

Her big secret? Olive oil! She takes two tablespoons before bed and massages it into her face. She told Pop Sugar this trick.

In another interview, she said she washes her face every night, massages it for three minutes, puts on creams, and goes to sleep. In the morning, she uses sunscreen and makes sure she’s hydrated. She eats lots of oil-based foods and smiles a lot, too.

I think Goldie Hawn looks great just the way she is. She has a wonderful life, a successful career, and a partner who loves her a lot. She and Kurt Russell have been together for almost 40 years, but they never got married. According to her, that’s what keeps their relationship strong.

They’ve been in some movies together, like “Overboard,” a romantic comedy. Recently, they were in “The Christmas Chronicles,” where they played Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

Makeup or no, Goldie Hawn is a real beauty. You just have to love her!

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