Woman Tries To Take Her Seat On A Plane – But She Refuses, And What Happens Next Has The Internet Is Divided

Flying can be a challenge for many, and while some take steps to ensure their comfort, others may not prioritize the same.

One woman faced a dilemma during her flight across the country for Christmas. Due to her size, she always booked an extra seat for comfort. However, when a mother with an 18-month-old child asked her to give up her extra seat so her toddler could have it, she refused, as she had paid for both seats.

Despite the flight attendant’s intervention, the mother made the woman uncomfortable throughout the journey. The woman later questioned if she had been unfair and sought advice on Reddit.

Opinions were divided. Some felt the mother should have bought a seat for her child instead of assuming someone else would give up theirs. Others empathized with the woman, emphasizing that being overweight is not a flaw and the mother should have prioritized her child’s comfort by purchasing a seat.

Ultimately, the question remains: who was right in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments!