It took Halle Berry 35 pregnancy tests before the 36th one confirmed she was pregnant for the first time in her 40s.

Halle Berry, a mother of two, celebrated her daughter Nahla’s 15th birthday in 2023. When she discovered her pregnancy with Nahla, Berry, longing for children, took 35 tests to confirm the news. Despite her successful acting career, Berry’s greatest desire had always been motherhood.

Expressing her pride and love for her daughter, Berry shared a series of photos of Nahla on social media, describing her as one of the universe’s greatest gifts. Followers joined Berry in wishing Nahla a happy birthday, highlighting her intelligence and beauty, reminiscent of her mother’s.

Although Berry’s relationship with Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry, began with promise, it later soured, leading to a contentious legal battle. However, amid the court drama, Berry cherished moments like walking hand-in-hand with her children on the beach, celebrating the essence of motherhood on Mother’s Day.

The journey of motherhood with Nahla was not without challenges. Berry navigated a complex custody battle, driven by her desire to protect Nahla from influences she deemed harmful. She fought to preserve Nahla’s identity and heritage, confronting issues like racial comments and attempts to alter Nahla’s appearance.

Despite the legal turmoil, Berry remained dedicated to providing for her children’s well-being. She engaged in thought-provoking discussions on gender roles and financial responsibilities, advocating for fairness and understanding.

Berry’s commitment to her children’s privacy extended to social media, where she refrained from sharing their faces. She prioritized their autonomy and normalcy, aiming to shield them from undue attention.

As Nahla matured, Berry encouraged her to embrace her heritage and individuality, fostering strength and self-assurance. She instilled in Nahla the importance of using her voice and defining her identity on her terms.

Berry’s aspirations for her daughter transcended societal expectations, emphasizing self-acceptance and resilience. She hoped Nahla would navigate her diverse background with pride and confidence, embracing her curly hair and heritage.

Amidst lessons of identity and empowerment, Nahla displayed a burgeoning artistic flair and an appreciation for fragrance, traits she inherited from her mother. Aubry, proud of his daughter’s artistic endeavors, cherished their bond, celebrating their connection on International Daughter’s Day.

Through the complexities of motherhood and legal battles, Berry remained steadfast in her love and dedication to Nahla, nurturing her growth and individuality with unwavering support and guidance.