Jason Kelce shares what he told his younger brother Travis after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVII was special because it was the first time two brothers played against each other in the big game. Fans were excited to see them face off.

Sadly, it meant that one brother and his team would lose. This time, it was Jason Kelce and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won their third Super Bowl, and it was Travis’ second win. After the game, Jason and Travis hugged each other on the field, feeling emotional.

Later Jason, 35, was asked what he told his younger brother as the two celebrated the end to another NFL season.

“F*** you, congratulations,” he replied.

Ahh, brotherly love!

At the press conference after the game, Travis, who is 33 years old, talked about how strange it was to play against his brother.

“There’s not much you can say to someone you love in a situation like that,” he said, getting visibly emotional. “You always joke around about wanting to beat your brother on the biggest stage, but it feels strange when it actually happens.”

“It feels strange. The other team had amazing leaders and coaches. The game was close, and we really respect the Eagles. I couldn’t say much to my brother except that I love him and he had an amazing year and season.”

Even though Jason made a strong comment to his brother at first, he said he was “definitely happy” for the Chiefs.

“Maybe I haven’t really processed it yet. I got emotional when I saw Mom and Dad. But with Travis, I was just like, ‘Congratulations, you know,'” he said.

“It was a great two weeks for our family. I’m really happy for Travis, the Chiefs, and many people I know over there in Kansas City who helped me in Philadelphia, like head coach Andy Reid. I’m disappointed we didn’t win, but I’m genuinely happy for them.”

This year’s Super Bowl, or the “Kelce Bowl” as some called it, was truly memorable. There’s nothing like sibling rivalry!

Congratulations to both Jason and Travis Kelce for an amazing game!