A couple from Missouri celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day.

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A special couple from Missouri had a unique New Year’s celebration. Andrew, 103, and Bertha “Bunny,” 102, Kowalcyk marked their 80th wedding anniversary with their family and friends at Cape Albeon Lakeside Retirement Living in Valley Park.

The couple, originally from New Hampshire, first met at a dance at the University of New Hampshire. According to their son, David Kowalczyk, both Andrew and Bertha participated in a dance lottery where they picked numbers. Coincidentally, both of them chose the number 23, and that’s how they ended up together.

Just a month after their first date, something special happened between them.

In October 1943, Andrew and Bertha got engaged. They originally planned to wait until after World War II, as Andrew was serving in the Navy. However, their love for each other changed their plans.

Andrew called Bertha and said, “I changed my mind; I want to get married now.” Bertha suggested New Year’s Day for the wedding. Even though Andrew had to take leave and arrived just a couple of hours before the wedding, they made it happen. He got permission from his officer to extend his leave, and they decided on January 3rd for their special day.




The couple got married January 1, 1944. Andrew and Bertha had six children, along with 31 grandchildren and great grandchildren, many who were present Monday during the celebration for their 80th wedding anniversary party.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Very few people can say they have spent eight decades married to the love of their life.