John and Chrissy shared that they quietly welcomed their fourth child. Here’s what we know about their journey.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen shared that, before having their third child, they went through a difficult experience of losing a pregnancy, which they openly talked about.

Now, they’ve revealed that they welcomed a fourth child in a special way, and it was kept a secret. Keep reading to learn more about their announcement of their son’s birth on Wednesday.



The couple got help from a woman named Alexandra, who acted as a surrogate to help them have their child. To show their gratitude for her incredible help, they did something very special.

In a blog post, Chrissy shared that Alexandra is the most amazing, loving, and compassionate surrogate they could ever imagine. Chrissy felt that Alexandra was a perfect match for them from the moment they talked. She wanted to be friends with Alexandra, have their kids play together, share dinners, and even feel the baby’s hiccups and kicks by laying her head on Alexandra’s belly. Chrissy wanted Alexandra and her family to be part of their lives for as long as possible.



Chrissy talked about how Alexandra went through a lot to get ready for a second attempt to help them have a baby. Alexandra underwent surgeries and faced the mental challenges that came with it, all to give them the chance to have a child.

Chrissy was also pregnant with the couple’s daughter Esti at the same time as Alexandra. When they found out that Alexandra was expecting a son, everyone was very happy. They celebrated by eating hot pot and watching Vanderpump Rules, and their families became one big blended family over the past year, as Chrissy remembered.

Then, on June 19, Chrissy shared on Instagram about witnessing her friend and surrogate giving birth. She described it as a beautiful moment despite a bit of chaos, expressing the strength, joy, and love she saw during the birth.



To show their gratitude to their surrogate, Alexandra, Chrissy and John did something really special. Chrissy announced, “We want to say thank you for this amazing gift you’ve given us, Alexandra. And we’re thrilled to let everyone know he’s here, with a name that will always be connected to you, Wren Alexander Stephens.”

The couple already has two older kids, Luna and Miles. They welcomed their third daughter, Esti, six months ago. John Legend also posted a picture of him and his family with the new baby, saying, “Wren Alexander Stephens, our new love.”

The family seems incredibly happy with their new addition. We wish them all the best! Feel free to share this happy news with your friends and family on Facebook.