John Schneider compared Beyoncé to a peeing dog. He said this because he didn’t like her music. But Beyoncé’s fans weren’t happy. They defended her and said he was being mean. They told him that Beyoncé is talented and doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. They showed their support for her and made it clear they didn’t agree with what he said.

John Schneider, known for his role in “The Dukes of Hazzard,” seems to have strong opinions about Beyoncé’s move into country music.

In an interview with the One American News Network, Schneider didn’t hold back in criticizing Beyoncé’s foray into the genre.

He got upset about Beyoncé’s fans wanting her new song, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” to be played on a country radio station in Oklahoma.

During the interview with host Alison Steinberg, they talked about how country music has been changing over time.

Beyonce attends Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks game at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on June 05, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)

Steinberg said to Schneider that people in the entertainment industry who lean towards the left are always trying to control everything. She mentioned how Beyoncé is now trying country music, and Schneider compared it to a dog peeing on a tree to claim its territory.

Schneider said that just like dogs mark trees in a dog park, these artists want to make their mark everywhere. He thinks that Grammy-winning artists like Beyoncé should stick to their usual music styles and not try country music.

However, it’s unclear if Schneider knows everything because Beyoncé is planning to release a new album called Renaissance: Act II on March 29, 2024.

Fans are guessing that Beyoncé might be making a whole country album.

Even though Schneider didn’t like what he heard from Beyoncé, he talked more about how lots of pop stars are trying out country music.

People like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey are also thinking about trying out country music. Since about 76 million Americans enjoy country music every week, it’s not surprising that big-name artists might want to get in on it to reach more fans.

So, Schneider’s opinion reflects a bigger worry in the country music community about how pop music is affecting the genre.

Some might find it weird that Schneider is talking about this, but he knows a lot about country music. In the ’80s, he became famous in the industry with nine albums, a collection of his greatest hits, and eighteen singles.

Some of his popular songs were “I’ve Been Around Enough to Know,” “Country Girls,” “What’s a Memory Like You,” and “You’re the Last Thing I Needed Tonight,” which all made it to the top of the Billboard country singles charts. He still performs, and in 2023, he was on season ten of The Masked Singer as “Donut.”


People didn’t like what Schneider said about Beyoncé, and they made sure their feelings were known. Many of Beyoncé’s fans thought Schneider’s comments were racist and mean for comparing Beyoncé to a dog peeing.

Some fans used X, which used to be called Twitter, to share their thoughts.

“One fan pointed out that black people created country music.”

“Another person mentioned how artists like Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones have done country songs before, so it’s not fair to target Beyoncé.”

“A fan added that it’s wrong to try and control a genre of music that black people started, and Beyoncé is just going back to her Texas roots. Plus, this isn’t even her first time doing a country song!”


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