12 years after Steve Irwin’s passing, wife Terri shared dark truth husband once confessed to her

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since we said goodbye to Steve Irwin.

The wildlife expert revolutionized the way we view dangerous animals, leaving an indelible mark on his field. His untimely passing at the age of 44 robbed the world of a truly remarkable human being who was doing what he loved.

Now, over a decade later, his wife Terri Irwin has shared a revelation that Steve once confided in her, which may come as a surprise to some.

During a recent interview on the Australian television series “Anh’s Brush With Fame,” Terri opened up about Steve’s perspective on life and mortality.

“He never envisioned a long life for himself. He always had this sense that his time would be cut short,” Terri revealed when asked about Steve’s tragic death.

Tragically, Steve’s premonition proved to be accurate. While filming for “Ocean’s Deadliest” in Queensland, Australia, he was fatally injured by a stingray’s barb.

Recalling the moment she learned of her husband’s passing, Terri described feeling a profound sense of responsibility and overwhelming grief.

“I just remember feeling an overwhelming sense of grief but also this question of ‘what do I do next?’ I had to gather myself before going out to the car to tell Bindi and Robert … which was incredibly difficult,” Terri recounted.

In the aftermath of Steve’s death, Terri was astonished by the outpouring of support from around the world.

“Steve would have been surprised by the immense love and grief expressed by people. ‘Famous’ wasn’t a term he associated with himself. He remained humble and dedicated to wildlife conservation,” Terri reflected.

Steve’s passing reverberated globally, prompting an outpouring of tributes and condolences. His legacy of passion for wildlife conservation and education continues to inspire millions worldwide.