Prince William talked about Kate Middleton’s recovery phase.

When Kate Middleton was discharged from her abdominal surgery at the London Clinic, King Charles received his cancer diagnosis, making it a challenging week for the Royal Family.

Kensington Palace released only minimal details about the Princess of Wales’ surgery, leading to various speculations and rumors. One report by Concha Calleja suggested Middleton’s life was in “great danger” and that a hospital was set up in her home for recovery, but a royal source dismissed these claims as “total nonsense” and unfounded.

For Middleton, recovering at home away from media attention and surrounded by family is the preferred option. Despite her bed rest, she continues to fulfill her royal duties and even wrote a letter to a grieving widow during her recovery.

Prince William postponed his royal duties to support his wife, while the couple also receives assistance from their nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. Described as professional and dedicated, Borrallo attended Norland College and makes decisions regarding the royal children’s care in consultation with Kate and William.

After Borrallo was hired, Kensington Palace provided minimal details about her employment, stating only that the Duke and Duchess are pleased she joined them on their royal tours to New Zealand and Australia.

Hello Magazine’s parenting expert Jo Frost praised Maria Teresa’s nurturing nature and excellent service to the family, highlighting how her presence ensures stability for the children while allowing Prince William to fulfill his royal duties and provide emotional support to his wife.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams emphasized Maria Teresa’s popularity with the children and her extensive training at Norland College, making her well-suited for her role during Catherine’s recovery. He noted that her background position makes her indispensable during such times.

Angela Levin discussed Prince William’s current struggles, noting his difficulties in balancing his royal duties with his role as a father. She highlighted the strain in his relationship with Prince Harry and the challenges of overcoming past conflicts.

Levin highlighted William’s personal losses and the recent health issues affecting his family members, including his wife and father. She underscored the complexity of repairing strained relationships and the emotional toll it takes on William.

Prince William resumed his royal duties after Catherine’s hospital discharge, attending the London’s Air Ambulance Charity Gala Dinner. In his speech, he expressed gratitude for the support received during his family’s recent challenges and humorously acknowledged the medical focus of recent weeks, opting to attend an air ambulance function for a change of scenery.