Cher’s Child Went through Transition & Found Happiness as a Married Man – Inside His New Life

Chaz Bono, the offspring of the iconic pop star Cher and her first spouse, singer Sonny Bono, grew up in a household where Sonny wielded significant control over Cher’s life. Cher felt isolated, unable to form friendships, and suffocated by the lack of personal space enforced by Sonny.

This control extended to their professional partnership, leaving Cher feeling like she was merely executing Sonny’s directives without any input of her own. The power imbalance in their relationship contributed to their eventual separation, as Cher struggled with feelings of suffocation.

During her marriage to Sonny, Cher endured multiple miscarriages before the birth of Chaz, a condition attributed to complications with her uterus. The loss of her unborn children took a toll on Cher, subjecting her to a cycle of joy and sorrow.

Chaz’s birth brought a new dynamic to Cher and Sonny’s relationship, with Cher acknowledging his positive impact. However, Cher’s career demands meant her children experienced instability due to constant travel and change.

Over time, Cher recognized the importance of stability for her children but found herself trying to compensate for lost time as they grew older. Meanwhile, Chaz, formerly known as Chastity Bono, underwent a gender transition, initially challenging Cher’s support.

Struggling with feelings of loss and adjustment, Cher eventually embraced Chaz’s transition, fostering a relationship built on mutual respect and admiration. Despite initial difficulties, Cher was pleased to witness Chaz’s journey towards self-acceptance and happiness.

Chaz’s aunt, Georganne, initially struggled to comprehend his transition but eventually accepted it after watching a documentary on his journey. Recognizing Chaz’s empathy and understanding, Georganne acknowledged the complexities of the situation from a parent’s perspective.

While Chaz found fulfillment in his transition, his search for love posed challenges until he met Shara Blue Mathes in 2017, marking a turning point in his romantic life.

Despite not actively seeking a romantic relationship, Shara Blue Mathes, a former child actress known for her role in the 1984 comedy series “It’s Your Move,” found love unexpectedly with Chaz Bono just months later. Their shared experiences of growing up in the entertainment industry and overcoming drug addiction formed the foundation of their bond.

This newfound relationship brought a sense of fulfillment to Chaz’s life, complementing the contentment he experienced through his gender transition. Cher, Chaz’s mother, embraced their relationship, giving her blessing, while Mathes, a single mother with one child, was warmly welcomed into the family.

Cher’s mother, the renowned singer and actress Georgia Holt, also extended her welcome to Mathes, inviting her to join the family celebration of her 91st birthday in June 2017. Cher and her mother considered Mathes an integral part of the family, cherishing the joy she brought to Chaz.

In October 2018, Chaz and Mathes embarked on a romantic journey to Adelaide, Australia, attending Cher’s performance at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre during her “Here We Go Again Tour.” Cher’s support for their relationship was evident as she posed for photographs with Mathes.

The couple also had the privilege of watching “The Cher Show,” a musical depicting Cher’s life with Sonny, Chaz’s father, in New York in January 2019. Treated as special guests, they interacted with the show’s props backstage at the Neil Simon Theatre.

In 2019, Mathes shared a heartwarming moment with Cher, underscoring their close relationship. Despite the challenge of getting family-approved photographs, Mathes humorously opted for a backstage photo to ensure good lighting. In 2021, amidst her battle with cancer, Mathes expressed gratitude to her “amazing boyfriend,” Chaz, for his unwavering support and constant presence by her side.