Reports say that Tom Cruise isn’t involved in his 17-year-old daughter’s life at all.

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According to sources, Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise are still not talking to each other. The actor, who is 61 years old and famous for movies like Mission: Impossible, hasn’t been in touch with his 17-year-old daughter for a long time. The Daily Mail reported this.

Suri Cruise is Tom’s daughter from his previous relationship with actress Katie Holmes. She was born in April 2006.

After Tom and Katie split up in 2011, their relationship got worse over time. In 2012, during a lawsuit against Bauer Media, Tom said he hadn’t seen Suri for three months right after he and Katie separated. Katie Holmes is now 45 years old.


Tom Cruise and daughter Suri pictured in 2008. Credit: James Devaney / WireImage / Getty.


During a legal case where Tom Cruise was being sued for $50 million, he admitted that his involvement with Scientology caused problems in his relationship with his daughter, Suri. When asked if Katie Holmes left him to protect Suri from Scientology, Tom said he believed that was true.

The rules of the Church of Scientology say members shouldn’t be friends with people who aren’t part of the church. This caused tension between Tom and his daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

A former member of Scientology, Leah Remini, told the New York Post that the church saw Katie as an enemy, which made Tom feel like he couldn’t be close to Suri.

Leah Remini also suggested that Tom might try to get Suri interested in Scientology when she’s older and away from her mom. But for now, sources say Tom isn’t involved in Suri’s life.

Despite all this, Suri seems to live a normal life with her mom in New York City. She’s often seen walking around the city and spending time with friends.


Suri and Katie Holmes pictured in New York City, 2020. Credit: Gotham / GC Images / Getty.


In 2017, Katie Holmes said she wanted to give Suri a happy and steady childhood. She told Town & Country magazine, “My child is the most important thing to me, and how she grows up is more important than anything else I do right now.”

She added, “It’s really important for me to be there for her and give her a safe and happy childhood. I feel lucky to do what I do, but seeing my child do well is the best feeling in the world.”

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