Riley Strain Disappeared after Going out with Friends on March 8 – His Devastated Mom Speaks Out as Massive Search Continues

The disappearance of 22-year-old University of Missouri student Riley Ray Strain on March 8 in Nashville has ignited a widespread search effort, spurred by a cryptic last message and crucial police footage. As the community comes together, Riley’s mother, Michelle Whiteid, has issued a heartfelt plea for his safe return, injecting urgency into a case shrouded in mystery. Join us as we unravel the events leading up to and following the fateful night of March 8, in a narrative weaving together anguish, resolve, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

Riley, a senior from the University of Missouri, vanished over a week ago after a night out with friends in Nashville, triggering a massive search operation that has gripped both the city and Strain’s hometown.

With the only clue being his bank card found near a river bank, Riley’s mother has publicly implored for his return as the search intensifies. The mystery deepened with the release of a perplexing message from Strain’s phone sent on the night he went missing.

March 8: The Night of the Disappearance
On the evening of March 8, Riley disappeared after visiting Luke Bryan’s bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge, on Nashville’s bustling Broadway. Standing at 6-foot-5, Riley, known for his dynamic presence, was escorted out of the bar by security around 9:35 p.m. due to unspecified conduct violations.

Surveillance footage captured Riley crossing the street at 1st Ave N and Gay Street at 9:47 p.m., seemingly with a specific destination in mind. However, just five minutes later, another camera recorded him appearing disoriented and stumbling in the wrong direction, marking his last known sighting.

March 9: Missing Person Report
Concern mounted the following morning, March 9, when Riley’s fraternity brothers noticed his absence from their accommodation at the Tempo Hotel on Rosa Parks Boulevard. In Nashville for their annual spring formal, his peers’ attempts to locate him via Snapchat and repeated phone calls went unanswered, prompting them to report him missing to the police.

A widespread search effort ensued, utilizing digital tools and traditional police methods to find Riley. The absence of digital traces and his sudden disappearance compounded the urgency and mystery surrounding the case.

March 10: Family’s Search Commences
Arriving in Nashville from Springfield, Missouri, on March 10, Riley’s family launched an exhaustive search. Led by his stepfather, Christopher Whiteid, and mother Michelle, they scoured emergency rooms and the vicinity of Riley’s last known cellphone location but found no trace of him.

While receiving updates from the detective assigned to Riley’s case offered neither positive nor negative news, the family clung to hope in their search for Riley.

March 11: University Statement
The University of Missouri addressed Riley’s disappearance on March 11, expressing deep concern for his safety and pledging support to his family. Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Angela King Taylor assured that the university prioritized community safety and offered counseling resources to those in need, emphasizing solidarity with Riley’s family during the search.

March 12: Police and Public Alert
On March 12, the Metro Nashville Police Department utilized Twitter to amplify the search efforts for Riley Strain. Their tweet urged the public to be on the lookout for the missing 22-year-old, providing a description of Strain and contact information for anyone with information. Additionally, the police department released surveillance footage capturing Strain’s last known moments after leaving Bryan’s bar on Broadway.

The footage depicted Strain appearing disoriented and taking a wrong turn, raising concerns about his well-being and emphasizing the importance of any leads that could aid in locating him.

March 13: Family Speaks to the Media
On March 13, Strain’s family shared their emotional journey and determination in an interview with People magazine. Christopher, Strain’s stepfather, expressed the family’s anguish and unwavering commitment to finding him. The interview served as both a testament to the family’s resilience and a plea for anyone with information to come forward.

March 15: Bar’s Statement
The TC Restaurant Group, overseeing Luke Bryan’s bar, provided clarity regarding Strain’s visit on March 15. Their statement detailed the events leading up to Strain’s departure from the venue, shedding light on their decision to escort him out based on conduct standards. The statement also confirmed the discovery of Strain’s bank card on the riverbank, prompting further investigation by authorities.

March 18: Police Release Body Camera Footage
On March 18, the Metro Nashville Police Department released body camera footage featuring a brief encounter between Strain and Officer Reginald Young on the night of his disappearance. The footage, described as a casual interaction, provided a timestamp of Strain’s presence on Gay Street shortly after his last known sighting on surveillance footage. This evidence contributes to the timeline of events surrounding Strain’s disappearance and underscores the ongoing efforts to locate him.

March 19: The Mysterious Message

On March 19, a surprising development unfolded in the investigation into Riley Strain’s disappearance with the revelation of a cryptic text message sent from his phone on the night he went missing.

The message, containing the phrase “Good lops,” was directed to a woman with whom Strain was reportedly in contact, as per family friend Chris Dingman. This puzzling communication added a new layer of intrigue to the case, leaving both the recipient and Strain’s family perplexed about its meaning and significance.

Michelle, Strain’s mother, admitted in an interview with NewsNation that while Strain had many female and male friends, she was unable to identify the intended recipient of the message. “He’s got several friends that are female, male. I don’t know the individual he talked to at that time,” she mentioned.

March 20: Riley’s Mother Speaks
On March 20, Michelle, Strain’s mother, delivered a heartfelt appeal, emphasizing the profound impact of Riley’s disappearance on his friends. Tearfully speaking to WKTN News, Michelle expressed solidarity with Riley’s friends, acknowledging their deep emotional connection and shared anguish.

Describing Riley as her “best friend” and “everything,” Michelle conveyed her unwavering love and determination to bring him home safely. She reiterated her singular focus on reuniting with Riley, echoing her resolve to persevere until he is found.

Chris, Strain’s stepfather, echoed Michelle’s sentiments, emphasizing the urgency of their search efforts and their desire to reunite with Riley. Reflecting on Riley’s distinctive personality and friendly demeanor, Chris emphasized his son’s ability to connect with others and his towering presence.

Meanwhile, country music artist Luke Bryan expressed solidarity and support for the ongoing search for Strain. Utilizing Instagram stories, Bryan underscored the importance of collaboration between TC Restaurant Group and law enforcement while urging the public to assist in any way possible.

Bryan concluded his message with a call for information and expressed hope for Riley’s safe return, urging individuals to share any relevant details that could aid in the search.

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Chicago Boy, 11, Found Dead at Home after Selflessly Trying to Save His Pregnant Mom’s Life
In a tragic incident unfolding in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, 11-year-old Jayden Perkins lost his life while bravely attempting to protect his pregnant mother, Crosetti Brand, from a violent assault. The perpetrator, Brand, has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder, among other offenses.

The horrifying ordeal began when Brand forcibly entered the residence and launched a vicious attack on the victim, who was engaged in a phone call. Tragically, Jayden intervened in defense of his mother and was fatally injured in the process.

Despite the chaos, Jayden’s younger sibling, a 6-year-old boy, remained physically unharmed but witnessed the harrowing events unfold. Neighbors responded promptly upon hearing the commotion, with one individual discovering the devastating scene and immediately alerting emergency services.

Upon arrival, first responders found Jayden’s mother critically injured, particularly with a severe neck wound, and Jayden himself succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter at Ascension St. Francis Hospital in Evanston.

Remembered for his academic achievements and compassionate nature, Jayden was a beloved student at the Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies. In a tribute to their late student, the school described him as a courageous individual who stood up for others.

In response to this tragedy, the Peirce Elementary School Community and the Gus Giordano Dance School launched a support fund to assist the grieving family. The initiative has garnered significant financial support, underscoring the community’s solidarity in the wake of this devastating loss.

Brand’s criminal history reveals a pattern of escalating violence, including a previous home invasion incident resulting in a lengthy prison sentence. Despite this, Brand continued to engage in threatening behavior, ultimately culminating in the tragic events that claimed Jayden’s life.

The heartbreaking loss of Jayden Perkins serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for effective measures to protect victims of domestic violence and prevent such tragedies from recurring in our communities.