Drop 3 Ice Cubes Into the Washing Machine: You Can’t Imagine What Happens to Your Laundry

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Throw 3 ice cubes in the washing machine and you can’t even imagine what happens to the laundry. Try this technique without delay. The results are incredible.

Clothes after taking out from the washing machine or dryer will often be wrinkled. To overcome this problem, you only need to put 2-3 ice cubes in the dryer or washing machine with a dryer built in, then choose the high drying mode for about 5 minutes. The ice cubes will be melted by the heat from the dryer and the steam will help the clothes become flatter. As a result, the clothes after being dried will be flatter than usual.
This way of flattening clothes when washing can be applied to shirts, t-shirts or pants, dresses.

If you don’t have ice cubes, you can use a damp towel instead. The high temperature inside will cause the steam from the damp towel to rise, which will straighten the wrinkles on the clothes.

Note: Immediately after drying the clothes, you should hang the clothes immediately to achieve the best effect.

If you don’t have a washing machine with a built-in dryer or a clothes dryer, you can use white vinegar to make your clothes flatter without using an iron.

Specifically, you mix vinegar with water at a ratio of 1:3 and then put this mixture in a spray bottle. Hang the clothes and spray the mixture on the places where the clothes are wrinkled. When the clothes are completely dry, the wrinkles disappear. This mixture can also whiten clothes and soften fabrics effectively.

Whether it’s hand or machine wash, you should always dry it after you’re done, which will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.