Sharon Stone rocks bikini at 65 – eagle-eyed fans spot interesting detail that has everyone talking

Approaching the age of 65, Sharon Stone is proving she’s still a force to be reckoned with. Flaunting her stunning physique in a captivating selfie, the iconic femme fatale is garnering admiration from countless fans who appreciate her natural beauty.

In the same snapshot, keen-eyed admirers noticed a scene-stealing detail that has everyone enthralled. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Sharon Stone seems to be aging like fine wine.

The 1990s sex symbol, set to turn 66 on March 10 next year, continues to captivate audiences with her bold performances in films like “Basic Instinct” (1992) and “Casino” (1995).

Reflecting on her role as the femme fatale, Stone emphasizes in Vanity Fair that it goes beyond a mere peek up her skirt, attributing the movie’s success to women who championed it.

Apart from her seductive roles, the award-winning actor has showcased her versatility in comedy films like “The Muse,” portrayed a gunslinger in “The Quick and the Dead,” and starred in science fiction hits like “Total Recall” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With nearly five decades in the entertainment industry, this mother of three adopted boys continues to captivate audiences, fearlessly sharing photos that highlight her toned physique.

In a daring move in June 2022, the star shared a risqué photo on Instagram. Standing by the pool with a beaming smile, she wore a green leopard print bikini bottom paired only with a Turkish towel draped over her shoulders, offering a partially concealed topless look. The caption read, “Gratefully Imperfect on a Perfect Day,” earning the admiration of 295,000 fans.

Fans showered praise, emphasizing Stone’s eternal grace and calling her an absolute goddess. Stone attributes her maintained physique to mindful living, involving healthy eating, eight hours of sleep, and continuous movement.

She incorporates leg lifts, back kicks, and exercises with a ThighMaster, a relic from the 1990s fitness craze.

Stone, a Tibetan Buddhist, finds solace in mindfulness, balancing family, a thriving career, and aging with meditation and discipline. Reflecting on pleasure and happiness, she notes, “Pleasure is the thing that lasts for a moment, and happiness is the thing that lasts with some continuation.”

In a later pin-up look shared in mid-2023, Stone exuded sassiness with her signature blonde bob and the same bikini bottom, this time paired with the top.

Offering a glimpse into her Beverly Hills home, fans admired her beauty and the natural setting. However, a subtle detail stole the scene – her French Bulldog Bandit, peeking out from behind a pillow on the sofa.

Fans couldn’t help but gush over the adorable canine, adding a touch of warmth to the already captivating photo. The delightful presence of Bandit prompted reactions like “Your dog!” and humorous comments about the pup’s expression in the snapshot.

Sharon Stone’s ability to maintain allure, coupled with her charismatic pet, continues to capture hearts and admiration online.