Shocking Revelation: Son Uncovers Dad’s Secret Affair – Should He Tear the Family Apart?

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Cheating in a relationship is really painful. Imagine being with someone for a long time, trusting them, and then finding out they’ve been cheating. It hurts a lot.

This story is about a son who found out that his dad has been cheating on his mom. They’ve been married for 27 years.

The son is in a tough spot. He doesn’t know if he should tell his mom about what he found out. He’s worried about what might happen to their family if he does. So, he went to Reddit, a social media site, to ask for advice.

He grew up seeing his parents together for so long, and he always thought his dad was a good husband and dad. But then, one day, he saw messages on Facebook between his dad and another woman. Those messages showed that his dad was having an affair.

This was a big shock for him. He never thought his dad would do something like that.


After finding out about his dad’s affair, the son went off to college. He tried to forget about what he knew, hoping it would just go away. But when he came back home after almost a year, he noticed his dad was still acting strange with his phone.

His dad would turn off his data whenever the son asked to borrow his phone, which made the son suspicious. Being 24 years old and growing up with cell phones, he knew what that meant – his dad was hiding something.

The son felt torn. He really admired his dad for all he had done for him, but he also knew how strong and independent his mom was. He didn’t want to hurt her by telling her about the affair.

He knew that if he told his mom, it could break her heart and end their marriage. He didn’t want to be the one responsible for that.

This situation taught him a tough lesson – you can be a good dad but a bad husband. No matter how he looked at it, it was going to cause a big problem in the family.

He felt conflicted about talking to his mom directly without discussing it with his dad first because he felt loyal to him.

He also worried about how this would affect his younger brother, who had just gotten into medical school. His brother didn’t know about the affair, and finding out would be really hard for him too.


The son didn’t feel comfortable talking to his friends about what he found out. He was worried about what they would think about him and his dad because they all liked and respected his dad.

Feeling stuck in a mix of emotions, he knew he had to figure out what to do.

He said, “In the end, I know it’s up to me to make the choice I think might be right.”

On Reddit, people had different ideas about what he should do. Some said he should tell his mom about the affair to relieve himself from the burden of keeping it a secret.

Others thought that if his mom didn’t know already, she might have an idea about it.

People also suggested that he should talk to his dad openly about it, as every relationship has its flaws. But some were worried that he seemed to be putting his dad before his mom.

Despite the different opinions, everyone encouraged him to speak up and not keep the secret anymore.

We don’t know what the son decided to do in the end. But he thanked everyone for their advice and support.

Hopefully, all the advice he got helped him make the best decision and gave him some peace during this tough time.

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