This TV Star Gave Her Spouse 24 Hours to Fulfill What She Asked For – He Failed & She Divorced Him ASAP

The TV personality was certain she wanted children and felt it was time to marry. At 20, she wed her first husband and left her job to raise their two kids. Initially content as a stay-at-home mom, she later pursued a master’s degree to restart her legal career.

However, her spouse disapproved, causing marital tension as he viewed her career aspirations as mere hobbies. This disagreement led to their divorce after 12 years.

Divorcing her husband was daunting, being the first in her family to do so. Soon after, she met another man who became her second husband. They first met in a bar, where she boldly approached him while he was speaking with a journalist. Despite his ongoing divorce, their romance flourished, but she gave him an ultimatum: finalize the divorce or end their relationship.

In 1990, she faced the loss of her father, seeking care from her partner. However, their differing expectations led to further strain, resulting in her issuing another divorce ultimatum. Ultimately, they divorced within 24 hours, leaving both regretful and missing each other deeply.

A year later, they reunited, gradually reigniting their romance. Realizing their love, they decided to remarry, walking to the clerk’s office immediately after a dinner date. They waived the waiting period and wed, surrounded by close friends.

Judy had two children from her previous marriage to Ronald Levy, while Jerry had three of his own. Judy’s eldest, Jamie, was born in 1966 in New York City, followed by Adam in 1968.

Following his mother’s path, Adam pursued a career in law. He served as the Putnam County district attorney for years but encountered controversy over involvement in a case.

Jerry’s children are Nicole, Gregory, and Jonathan. Nicole graduated from New York Law School in 1993 and established “Her Honor Mentoring.”

Gregory also practices law in New York, while Jonathan pursued medicine, specializing in ophthalmology and visual sciences. Together, Judy and Jerry boast 13 grandchildren.

Their bond remains strong, with Judy still attracted to her husband. “I still enjoy seeing him enter a room. He’s quite a sight,” she remarked. She humorously reminded him to maintain a reasonable physique throughout their marriage.

Judy takes pride in her appearance for Jerry, who’s never seen her without styled hair and lipstick. They share a jovial rapport, with Judy humorously revealing she displays her awards throughout the house but avoids placing any in the bedroom, quipping that no one should receive accolades in such a setting. Jerry playfully responded, joking about receiving an award from her the night before.

The couple persevered, with Jerry steadfastly supporting Judy’s television career. Judy believed in the possibility of balancing family and career through hard work, a balance she successfully achieved.