Tim Curry’s family kept his stroke a secret from the public – this is the cult actor today, at 77

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Tim Curry, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, has built a cult following over his illustrious four-decade career. Born on April 19, 1946, in Grappenhall, England, Tim embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry, initially honing his talents on the theatrical stage.

However, Tim’s life took a dramatic turn in 2012 when he suffered a debilitating stroke. Fortunately, he survived, but the 77-year-old actor and singer had to undergo extensive physical and speech therapy in the years that followed.

So, what is Tim Curry up to today? And how has he fared since his stroke? Let’s delve into the details.

Tim Curry’s early life saw him born into a family where his father, James, served as a Methodist Royal Navy chaplain, and his mother, Patricia, worked as a school secretary.

During his infancy, Tim’s family relocated to Hong Kong, but tragedy struck when his father suffered a stroke. Subsequently, the family returned to England, settling in Plymouth. It was during this time that Tim developed a close relationship with his maternal grandfather, who lived nearby and would play an unexpected role in Tim’s future.

Connected to his father’s work in the church, Tim displayed a remarkable aptitude for singing from a young age. At the age of six, he became a soprano in his local church choir, and by the age of ten, he had ventured into the world of Shakespearean acting.

After his father’s passing, Tim’s family relocated to London, where he attended the Kingswood School boarding school in Bath. Even at a tender age, it was evident that Tim was destined for a career in show business.

Upon completing his schooling, Tim pursued drama studies at Birmingham University, ultimately graduating in 1968 with a combined degree in drama and theatre studies. It was during his time at Birmingham University that Tim shared a house with actor, screenwriter, and director Patrick Barlow.

Interestingly, Tim’s early fame stemmed from his remarkable singing voice. He was often praised for his exceptional vocal talent, described as “completely perfect” and “ready-made” by Patrick Barlow.

In 1968, after completing his studies, Tim, Patrick Barlow, and some friends embarked on a journey to London. Tim had been denied admission to the Birmingham Repertory Theater due to his lack of membership in Actors’ Equity, the actors’ labor union. Undeterred, he set out to pursue his dreams in an unconventional way.

Their plan was to join a street theatre troupe in Chalk Farm, London, although they had little idea of what to expect. Tim’s extraordinary singing voice had already become his trademark, and within just 24 hours of arriving in London, he secured his first professional job.

Curiously, Tim was asked during his audition if he had any professional experience or an Equity card. In a daring move, he lied about both, but his undeniable talent and stage presence left producers “sufficiently impressed” to sponsor his union membership.

Tim’s debut professional role was as part of the original London cast of the rock musical “Hair.” Although he nearly missed out on being part of this beloved yet controversial musical, his audition ultimately propelled him into the production.

Despite being initially unsure of his career path, Tim yearned to pursue acting rather than singing professionally. He had opportunities to sign recording contracts and join music groups, but his true passion lay in acting. Tim explained that he treated his time in “Hair” as a form of drama school, where he had the opportunity to shape and develop his stage presence.

Thus, he embarked on a journey to chase his dream of becoming a professional actor. His career led him to prestigious theater companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Glasgow Civic Repertory Company, and the Royal Court Theatre.

It was with the Royal Court Theatre that Tim Curry delivered a dazzling performance as the mad transvestite scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter in “The Rocky Horror Show” musical. This role would prove to be life-changing.

In 1975, Tim reprised his role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” when it was adapted into a Hollywood production. His portrayal was nothing short of iconic, catapulting him to a new level of stardom.

While the film “Rocky Horror Picture Show” did not win prestigious awards, it became a cult classic and solidified Tim’s status as a beloved figure in the entertainment world. Despite his fame, Tim humorously recounted being thrown out of a screening of the film.

For years, Tim hesitated to discuss the show because he feared it might typecast him, but his diverse talents allowed him to explore various roles in both film and theater.

Tim continued to work in film, releasing albums, and touring, even achieving a minor Billboard chart hit with “I Do The Rock” between 1978 and 1981. During this period, he also collaborated with the legendary actor Ian McKellen in the theatrical show “Mozart,” a venture that earned both actors Tony nominations and became one of Tim’s proudest achievements.

Tim Curry portrayed the infamous clown Pennywise in the 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” and took on the role of a professional pirate in “Muppet Treasure Island,” an experience he found immensely enjoyable.

Working with the Muppets was a dream come true for Tim, who even adopted his grandfather’s West England accent for his character, Long John Silver. He fondly recalled the lack of ego among the Muppets, describing it as one of the happiest sets he had ever been on.

Despite his stroke in 2012, Tim Curry continued to work in television, film, and theater, singing well into his 60s. Humor played a pivotal role in his recovery from the stroke, and he maintained a positive outlook on life.

To this day, Tim diligently attends physical and speech therapy sessions as part of his ongoing recovery, demonstrating his unwavering determination. While the stroke forever changed his life, he has not allowed it to hinder his passion for working in the entertainment industry.

Tim Curry currently resides in Los Angeles. He has never been married and does not have children. In his spare time, he enjoys