A well-known person talks openly about what life is really like for Oprah Winfrey.

Actress Rose McGowan, known for being open and honest, recently got attention for openly criticizing Oprah Winfrey on Twitter. In a viral message, she called out Oprah for her past connection with Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer accused by McGowan of serious sexual assault. The Twitter post has received a lot of shares and comments from people supporting both McGowan and Winfrey.

The post on social media created a big argument, especially among people who used to admire Oprah. Rose McGowan’s claims, if true, show a side of Oprah that many Americans didn’t know. The article shared Rose McGowan’s honest feelings about Oprah and how she used her influence over the years.

McGowan wrote: “I’m glad she’s witnessing more and more of Oprah’s horrible truth. She’s not real, but I wish she was. She’s about supporting a corrupt power structure for her own benefit, from befriending Weinstein to abandoning and destroying Russell.” Simmon’s victims. She is completely fake. #lizard.”

About a year after Oprah stopped being in charge of making Russell Simmons’ #MeToo documentary, Rose McGowan took over. Oprah left because she thought more work was needed on the film to fully show what the victims went through. She said in an interview that she believes and supports women, and their stories deserve to be heard.

Oprah has talked to Harvey Weinstein before. In 2013, she acted in a movie called “The Butler,” which was distributed by Weinstein’s company. After actresses started speaking out about Weinstein hurting them, Oprah said she used to be friendly with him but didn’t know about what he was doing. She said she would have taken action if she knew he was hurting women.

“Everybody has a story, so I believe this is a turning point. We’re going to miss this opportunity if we only make it about Harvey Weinstein, according to Oprah.”

Harvey Weinstein is in prison for 23 years because he was found guilty of rape and sexual abuse. He’s also facing more legal problems for other crimes. Recently, he was sent to Los Angeles because they want to charge him with more crimes, and he will have to go to trial for them.

Rose McGowan has been paying attention to the drama in California, especially related to Gavin Newsom’s election. Some people on Twitter say that Newsom’s wife contacted McGowan and asked her to stay quiet. This connection between Gavin Newsom’s recall and McGowan’s situation adds more complications to an already complicated situation.

Rose McGowan speaking out against powerful people, combined with the ongoing issues involving Weinstein and Oprah, shows how important it is to be open, hold people accountable, and support those who have been abused. The discussion sparked by her tweet is making people think about these important issues and reminds us that everyone, no matter how important, should be held accountable for justice and truth.