A Body of a Granny, a Face of a Teenager! Photographers Showed what Foster Looks Like in real Life

These pictures caused the people to even question Foster’s age!  The 60-year-old actress looks like this when she doesn’t wear makeup or filters!

Everyone was shocked by Jodie Foster’s current appearance. The talented actress was captured on camera by photographers who seized the opportunity to catch the popular movie star unaltered by makeup, filters, or retouching.

She belongs to the group of movie stars who don’t see age as anything more than a number and who embrace their natural selves without having to visit beauticians and cosmetologists too soon.

Recently, camera lenses have photographed the gifted movie actress unretouched and without makeup.

Her natural appearance, devoid of makeup, amazed everyone. I can hardly believe that this is indeed her!,

“Please don’t confuse unkemptness with embracing natural beauty!,” “A woman should always take care of herself regardless of age,” and “She should take some time for herself too!”

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