Tom Hanks dismisses trolls who call wife “flabby,” says she’s one of the ‘most beautiful women’ on earth

After 35 years of marriage, Tom Hanks continues to express his adoration for Rita Wilson, the same woman who captured his heart when they first met on the set of Bosom Buddies.

In response to online criticism targeting Wilson’s appearance, Hanks openly declares his love and admiration for his wife, whom he describes as “one of the most classically beautiful women who’s ever walked the planet Earth.”

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, an enduring symbol of enduring love in Hollywood, are just as endearing today as they were when they first crossed paths in 1981 on the set of Bosom Buddies.

At the time, Hanks was married to Samantha Lewes, with whom he shared a son, Colin Hanks. However, destiny brought Hanks and Wilson together, and their connection was undeniable.

“We just looked at each other and – kaboom – that was it,” Hanks recounted. “I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn’t be denied.”

In 1988, following his divorce from Lewes, Hanks married Wilson, whom he had starred alongside in the 1985 film Volunteers.

Now both 67, the couple celebrated their 35th anniversary in April 2023, cherishing a relationship built on love, mutual support, and countless shared experiences.

They’ve weathered life’s challenges together, including Wilson’s battle with breast cancer and their joint diagnosis of COVID-19 in 2020.

Despite facing occasional public scrutiny, particularly regarding Wilson’s appearance, Hanks remains steadfast in his admiration for his wife. When online trolls targeted Wilson’s weight, Hanks swiftly came to her defense, emphasizing her bravery and enduring beauty.

In moments of adversity and triumph alike, Hanks and Wilson stand as a testament to the enduring power of love and partnership. As Hanks himself once remarked, “I’m a lucky man.”