Woman harshly criticized online after adopting husband’s ex-wife’s baby

Five years ago, Christie and Wesley Werts embarked on their journey as a married couple, blending their families together. Combining Christie’s daughter, Megan, with Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota, they formed a loving and cohesive family unit.

Little did they anticipate that their love story would take an unexpected turn, leading them to embrace the arrival of a miracle baby, Levi, through adoption. The path to Levi’s adoption was marked by perseverance and unwavering determination as the Werts family endured a 16-month wait for the adoption process to reach completion. However, Levi’s adoption tale unfolds with a poignant twist, akin to a fairy tale, for Christie and her family.

Born prematurely in Texas in August 2021, Levi’s biological mother, Wesley’s former partner, tragically succumbed to challenges stemming from drug use and complications related to COVID-19, just four days after his birth at 33 weeks. The couple learned about Levi’s existence when Wesley received the heartbreaking news about his ex-wife from her sister.

Drawing from her own experiences in foster care, Christie was resolute in her commitment to offering Levi a stable and nurturing environment. Remarkably, prior to discovering Levi’s existence, Christie had recurrent dreams featuring a blue-eyed, blond baby for three months.

These dreams played a pivotal role in her decision to pursue Levi’s adoption. Traveling from Ohio to Texas, the Werts family met Levi through Child Protection Services, and their initial encounter mirrored Christie’s dreams precisely.

Reflecting on that moment, Christie expressed, “When I walked in and saw this blond-haired, blue-eyed baby, I immediately fell in love. It was a very surreal feeling. This was my son.”

Navigating through the adoption process, particularly with infants, proved to be a challenging journey for the Werts family. In addition to the typical hurdles, such as house inspections and court proceedings, they encountered further complexities. This included selling their Ohio home and relocating to Texas to facilitate the legal proceedings, which involved the termination of Levi’s biological father’s parental rights.

Following 16 months of meticulous procedures, encompassing house inspections, interviews, and court hearings, Levi’s adoption was ultimately formalized. This marked a joyous milestone as the couple eagerly welcomed their baby boy into their loving home.

Despite the heartwarming nature of their story, Christie faced criticism from certain individuals on the internet who questioned her decision to share their journey online. Some expressed concerns about the potential impact on Levi as he grows older, fearing it could lead to feelings of depression.

Conversely, others expressed their happiness for the couple and extended well-wishes for their future together as a new family.

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