Write this in easy human language: Viral TikTok causes intense internet debate about reclining seats on long-haul flights


Finding a good way to sit on a plane can be really hard, especially during long flights.

Do you lean your seat back or use a neck pillow? Should you pay extra for first class or stick with regular seats?

A person on TikTok who talks about travel talked about a common problem on flights, especially long ones: should you lean your seat back?

After talking about her situation, she started a big argument on the internet.

Taylor Futch, who goes by @tfutchh on TikTok, shared a situation on the social media app that many of us are too familiar with.

When she was flying, she leaned her seat back to get comfy. But the person behind her wasn’t happy and pushed her seat forward.

“This girl just pushed my seat and said I can’t lean back for my 10-hour flight because it bothers her too much,” Taylor wrote on a short video that lots of people have watched. “What should I do?”

@tfutchh What would you do? #traveltiktok #solotravel #hostellife ♬ queen of disaster with sparkles – ˚ ˚。° ⋆♡˚🎀 ꒰ ྀི ◞ ˕ ก ꒱ ⭐️

Lots of people gave their opinions on the 26-year-old’s problem, but they couldn’t agree on what she should do.

“Y’all are crazy… If I paid for a seat that leans back, I’m going to lean back! And if the person behind me leans back too… ✨ they have the same amount of space ✨,” one person said.

But another person said, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. I wouldn’t like it if someone did it to me, so I don’t do it to them. ✨”


Some people said they would stay “squished” on a long flight because they didn’t want to bother the person behind them.

One person didn’t blame the passengers but said the airlines should be blamed. “For those saying it’s rude to recline, you’re actually mad at the airline. Email them to make the seats bigger and give you more room.”

Taylor posted a second part where she said she kept her seat reclined except during meal service.

What do you think? Is it okay to lean back on a plane no matter how long the flight, or does the flight length matter? Share your thoughts in the comments.