5 Reasons Why Women Stop Loving Their Husbands

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Dear men, here are 5 Reasons Why Women Stop Loving Their Husbands. You should be aware of them.

1. She has lost respect for you

If she no longer respects you, every single minute spent with you will feel like a punishment. Your approach to the underprivileged, your thought process about social issues that matter or even small things like your views about the opposite s/ex. Women want to look up to the man they love and if you aren t the one, the love may not matter so much.

2. Cheating

Nothing hurts her more than seeing her trust being shattered by the most important person in her life. Did you know women hate emotional infidelity more than physical?

3. Lack of commitment

Women put in their heart and soul in a relationship. But if there is no reciprocation, she will soon realise you aren t worth her efforts. Commit wholeheartedly and give her your time and attention if you value her.

4. She needs personal space

Women crave for personal space. After giving in so much of their energy and emotion in the relation, they need some time out too. She loves you but that doesn t mean she unfriends the entire world to be with you and only you. If she misses her personal space too much and finds you unjustifiably insecure, there is no chance she is staying back.

5. You take her for granted

It’s pretty common for men to treat their ladies like convenience stores. They will be all over them when there is nothing else to do or they need the emotional support. And then, when there s sunshine, she takes a backseat. Women are not convenience stores and though she may continue loving you, she certainly won’t live with you after this.

6. Demeaning her

NEVER demean your wife or girlfriend. Just because she cannot fix an electric appliance doesn t mean she is good for nothing. Or just because she was unable to understand some technical stuff related to your work doesn t mean she is dumb. The day she starts pointing out your follies, you will have no face. If you need her and want to be with her, value her.