The graduation speech by the top student, who is called the valedictorian, and is based on their faith, has become very popular on the internet.

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It’s graduation time, and many people are sharing words of wisdom. One standout speaker is Lydia Owens, the top student (valedictorian) at Woodmont High School in South Carolina. Her speech has become popular because she openly talked about her faith.

Like many speeches, she started by sharing a tough experience and how she overcame it to reach where she is today.

“You are so much more than how well you perform,” she said. “If you think your worth comes only from what you achieve and believe you’re only good enough when you succeed, what happens when you fail? What if you don’t have a lot of money or friends?”

Lydia shared how her mother inspired her and played a big role in her faith. “She’s the reason I have a strong faith. She showed me how to be a Godly woman and love people intentionally.”

After losing her mother, Lydia’s idea of success changed. She realized that all the years she spent focusing on academics didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Lydia’s speech wasn’t the usual valedictorian talk, but many people loved it! It gave a different perspective on success and highlighted the pressure we often put on ourselves to succeed.