Brad Pitt allowed a 105-year-old neighbor live on his $40 million property rent free, according to Elvira

In 1994, Cassandra Peterson, famously known as “Elvira,” sold her home to Brad Pitt. Recently, she shared an intriguing story with People magazine about Pitt’s unexpected role as both a new homeowner and a compassionate landlord.

Brad Pitt, at the age of 54, acquired a 1.9-acre property from Peterson for $1.7 million, retaining ownership for three decades until March of this year.

In an exclusive interview with People, Peterson revealed the backstory behind the sale to the Academy Award winner, shedding light on their close proximity and Pitt’s surprising act of kindness towards one of the property’s former occupants.

According to Peterson, Pitt’s decision to expand the property led to a series of notable events. “There were like 22 houses contiguous to the edge of the property. And every time they came up, he bought one,” Peterson explained.

Among these properties was one inhabited by a 90-year-old man. Pitt struck a deal with him, allowing the man to continue residing on the family’s estate until his passing.

“He was very, very kind to the husband. His wife passed away, and the husband, John, lived there,” Peterson recalled. “I know that Brad allowed him to live there without paying anything until he died.”

Unexpectedly, the man lived longer than anticipated, reaching the age of 105. Peterson humorously remarked, “He just kept living forever. I imagine Brad was thinking, well, you know, he can live there till he dies, which might be any minute now.”

Peterson, who had purchased a house adjacent to her former property, shared a neighborly rapport with Pitt over the years, describing him as kind and generous. She fondly recalled an encounter where she stumbled upon Pitt in his garage while walking her dog.

“I go past Brad’s garage and he’s in there wearing only sweatpants. He’s got on boxing gloves and he is punching a bag. I swear I almost fainted,” Peterson recounted. Despite her surprise, Pitt greeted her warmly, leaving her momentarily speechless.

“He’s just so stunningly, stunningly handsome — and nice, to top it off,” Peterson concluded.

The recently sold home is the same property where Pitt lived with his former wife, Angelina Jolie, and their children before their separation in 2016.