A little kid with Down syndrome is in an advertisement for Banana Republic’s new baby clothes collection.

Companies are starting to make sure everyone feels included. In the past, fashion brands mostly showed one type of model – a thin, white woman. But now, they are changing that and using models that represent a variety of people. While we’ve been happy about this progress, some groups, like those with disabilities, still haven’t been shown enough.

Now, Victoria’s Secret had their first model with Down syndrome, and another brand is also doing something special. Banana Republic is featuring a baby boy with Down syndrome in their new campaign for baby clothes. It’s a big step towards showing that everyone is important and should be seen in advertisements.

Banana Republic recently launched their BR Baby collection, and they made a promise to be more sustainable, welcoming, and inclusive. The company wants to celebrate diversity in all forms, and they were excited to include a baby boy with Down syndrome in their campaign.

Katie Driscoll, the founder of Changing the Face of Beauty, which works for equal representation of people with disabilities in the media, expressed her excitement. She’s happy that brands are now recognizing and speaking to the disabled community through their advertisements.

“Often, our community is left out when diversity is considered. The fact is, the disability community is the largest minority in the world, and one in 5 families know or love someone with a disability. It’s crucial for us to be seen in the world we live in.”

She hopes that one day, including people with disabilities in advertisements becomes so normal that we don’t need to celebrate it anymore. It should just be something we expect from brands.