Dolly Parton pays moving tribute to Toby Keith: ‘He will be missed’

Dolly Parton is talking about Toby Keith, who was a famous country music singer. He died from stomach cancer. Dolly shared her feelings on social media, saying it’s tough to lose people in the country music family. She called Toby Keith great and said he’ll be missed, but his music and memory will stay with us.


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The two big stars in country music respected each other a lot. Toby Keith once talked about Dolly Parton in an interview and praised her a lot. He said Dolly taught him, and other great songwriters from her time, to be true to themselves. Toby’s favorite thing Dolly said was about not caring about jokes calling her a dumb blonde because she knew she was smart and not actually blonde. Toby admired how Dolly stayed true to herself, and even in 2019, she was still a huge icon in the music world.