Beloved Sports Reporter’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Has Passed Away Following Valiant Battle With Leukemia

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Nine months ago, Hallie Kyed, only two years old, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in April 2023. Tragically, her father, Doug Kyed, an NFL reporter for the Boston Herald, shared on Instagram that Hallie passed away on January 21.

According to Kyed, Hallie’s condition took a turn for the worse when she relapsed after a bone marrow transplant, and her chemotherapy proved ineffective.

“Hallie died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday morning as Jen and I held her hands in bed,” Doug wrote. “We’re completely lost and heartbroken without Hallie. Our lives will never be the same.”

Despite being just two years old, Hallie was described by her father as a “special kid” who made a positive impact on everyone she met. Doug expressed gratitude for being her parents, and her sister Olivia was fortunate to have the best baby sister.

Doug explained that the family knew the prognosis was poor after Hallie’s relapse, and they spent special time together in the hospital last week. Despite hoping for remission, the aggressive form of leukemia had grown out of control.

Doug praised the doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital for their efforts, acknowledging Hallie’s bravery and resilience during her nine-month battle with acute myeloid leukemia and its complications. He shared precious moments of Hallie yelling for him and demanding walks around the hospital floor, as well as her sweet gestures.

While acknowledging that the world is a sadder place without Hallie, Doug hopes that those mourning her loss learn from her persistence in asking for what she wanted, whether it was a walk, a car ride, or a particular Disney dress.

As Hallie is laid to rest on January 26, the Kyed family is in our thoughts and prayers during this incredibly challenging time.