Charlie Sheen’s Teen Twins Outgrow Dad: Rare Glimpse of the 14-Year-Olds Standing Taller in Public – Photo Exclusive

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Charlie Sheen had a special moment with his sons, Max and Bob, in Malibu. They went out for smoothies and snacks together. Charlie, who is 57 years old, is a great dad.

On Thursday (March 28), people saw Charlie in Malibu wearing a hoodie, blue pants, a white shirt, and a black cap. His twin sons, Max and Bob, are only 14 years old, but they are already as tall as their dad, who is 5’10”. They all wore sunglasses, making them look even more alike. It was a nice family outing.



Charlie Sheen’s youngest kids, Max and Bob, come from his marriage to actress Brooke Mueller, who is 45 years old. Even though Charlie and Brooke divorced in 2011, they had a disagreement about child support that lasted for several years.

In 2018, Charlie asked to change the agreement because his income had changed a lot since 2016. Back then, he was supposed to pay Brooke $55,000 and another $20,000 to his other ex-wife, Denise Richards, for their kids Sami (19) and Lola (17).

Charlie explained, “I have been banned from many parts of the entertainment industry and have struggled to find steady work. All of this has led to a big drop in my earnings.” At that time, he was giving both ladies 9.5% of all the money he made in a year, which was over $2.1 million at that time.



In 2022, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller figured things out. They agreed on some financial stuff, but the details weren’t shared. Charlie’s lawyer, Gregory J. Pedrick, said they did it calmly and quietly, thinking about what’s best for their kids. He said they should be praised for that.

Denise, who is 52, talked about her relationship with Charlie on a podcast in August 2022. She said she doesn’t regret her marriage to Charlie because they had their two girls together. She mentioned that she filed for divorce when she was six months pregnant, and it was tough because it became very public. It even affected her career, and she didn’t expect that to happen.

Denise said it was challenging to be on the covers of tabloids for two years straight. But, she called the whole situation “difficult” and explained that her focus was on her children. She found strength in being present for her family and kids during the tough times of the divorce.