Dennis Quaid reveals faith saved him from a life of addiction: ‘I’m grateful to be alive really every day’

When faced with life’s challenges, many of us turn to faith for guidance, and Dennis Quaid is no exception.

“I’m grateful to still be here, I’m grateful to be alive really every day,” Quaid shared with People. “It’s important to really enjoy your ride in life as much as you can, because there’s a lot of challenges and stuff to knock it down.”

Quaid’s journey has been marked by struggles, particularly his battle with addiction following early success in his career. This eventually led him to seek help and enroll in what he calls “cocaine school” – rehab.

“I remember going home and having kind of a white light experience that I saw myself either dead or in jail or losing everything I had, and I didn’t want that,” he recalled.

Like many who struggle with addiction, Quaid realized that he was trying to fill a void inside himself. However, he found solace and fulfillment in his faith. He wrote a song for his mother as a symbol of his newfound stability and began delving into various religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran.

“That’s when I started developing a personal relationship,” Quaid explained. “Before that, I didn’t have one, even though I grew up as a Christian.”

Quaid’s faith journey continues to shape his life today. He is set to release a new album titled “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners,” which he describes as “self-reflective and self-examining, not churchy.”

“All of us have a relationship with God, whether you’re a Christian or not,” Quaid emphasized.

Reflecting on the allure of substances, Quaid acknowledges their initial appeal in providing a sense of joy and escape. However, he recognizes that this joy is fleeting and ultimately leads to deeper problems. He believes that true joy comes from embracing the gift of life and our inherent relationship with God.

“We’re all looking for the joy of life, which is our gift, actually, the relationship with God that we all have. It’s at the bottom of it, the joy of being alive.”