She’s 63 years old, but she looks younger than her age. People actually think she’s still in her 20s!

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As we grow older, our bodies change, and sometimes it’s not exactly how we’d like. In a perfect world, we would all stay young and healthy forever. But guess what? We live in the real world, not a perfect one.

As the years go by, it’s common for things like eyesight, hearing, hair color, skin tightness, and muscle strength to change. We leave our youthful days behind, and it’s part of the deal that we might not be at our absolute best anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s okay to feel a bit envious of those who seem to defy aging.

Now, there’s a mom from California known as Gym Tan who’s become popular on social media because she looks amazing at 63. She loves fitness and often shares videos on TikTok, impressing her followers with her commitment to keeping her body in great shape. In one recent video, Gym Tan even said she believes she’s getting better with age, claiming, “I think I look younger this year than I did last year.”



Some cosmetic companies and Hollywood celebrities might make us think that the only way to look young is through surgery or pricey creams. But Gym Tan, the mom from California, has a different perspective.

She believes the real secrets to staying youthful are having a positive attitude and not worrying too much about your age. In a video, the 63-year-old said, “Age is just a number” to encourage her followers.

“I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important to concentrate on what brings you joy. Pay attention to what makes you feel good.”

Gym Tan doesn’t just talk about personal happiness; she also encourages being close to friends and family who love you and can teach you valuable life lessons.

It seems like Gym Tan’s wise words and her youthful appearance have resonated well with people on social media.

Gym Tan has over 245,000 followers on TikTok. In a recent video, she shared that she feels like she’s in the best shape of her life. She was running down a street and smiling, saying, “I’m running further and stronger than in my 20s.”

It’s crucial to highlight that feeling good in your own body is the most important thing. Your height, weight, hair color, and body shape aren’t as significant as what’s inside. True confidence and self-love always come from within.