The on-screen chemistry between Tina Cole and Don Grady in the popular television series “My Three Sons”

Tina Cole and Don Grady epitomized on-screen romance as a beloved couple in “My Three Sons.”

Reflecting on their relationship six decades later, Cole fondly reminisced about their enduring love.

She disclosed details of their final encounter.

The iconic 1960s sitcom “My Three Sons” garnered a global following, with Tina Cole and Don Grady emerging as fan favorites due to their on-screen chemistry.

Spanning twelve seasons, the show showcased the evolving relationship between Cole’s character, Katie Miller, and Grady’s character, Robbie Douglas, captivating audiences worldwide. Recently, Cole has opened up about her last interaction with Grady.

Cole portrayed the beloved Katie Miller, while Grady portrayed Robbie Douglas, one of the sons in the show’s titular trio. With its lengthy run, “My Three Sons” stands as one of television’s longest-running series.

Recalling her initial encounters with the cast, Cole described a warm and welcoming atmosphere, though she later learned that Grady initially opposed her casting.

However, over time, Cole and Grady’s relationship evolved, particularly after Cole’s divorce, leading to increased time spent together, including joint telethon appearances.

Their romantic involvement began around three years into Cole’s tenure on the show, sparked by an on-screen kiss during a singing and dancing scene, igniting mutual affection.

Although Grady initially had reservations about Cole’s casting, their love transcended his initial concerns, leading to an eight-year on-and-off relationship marked by deep affection.

Despite intentions to marry at various points, circumstances prevented Cole and Grady from tying the knot. Cole reflected on their shared history and explained the factors that hindered their union.

Grady’s departure from the show’s final season and subsequent relocation presented a pivotal juncture. While he invited Cole to join him, she declined, recognizing the sacrifices it would entail—career, home, and family—which she couldn’t reconcile.

Despite their profound love, she hesitated to forsake her stability. Cole confessed that while Grady desired marriage, she wasn’t ready, torn by her responsibilities as a mother. She admitted, “I loved him deeply, but I had a son, and I just wasn’t certain.”

Despite their enduring affection, their relationship succumbed to challenges. Grady eventually sought companionship elsewhere, leading to his eventual marriage.

After a year of silence, Cole and Grady found themselves reunited on-screen for a joint reunion of “My Three Sons” and “The Partridge Family.” Cole was tasked with performing a song penned by Grady, capturing their shared experiences. The poignant lyrics of “Story” resonated deeply:

“I’ll tell you a story they made of our lives. They brought us together like husbands and wives. The roles we played, the babies we made, we almost believed. And now that it’s over, they tore down our names. They’ve stripped off the makeup, but something remains. The place that you feel lives in me still; it always was there.”


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Following the performance, Grady approached Cole, acknowledging his mistake and pledging to reconnect once he was single. True to his word, he reached out after his divorce, and they reunited.

With dreams of Broadway stardom beckoning in New York, Grady invited Cole to join him. She agreed, but on the condition of marriage. To her dismay, he only sought her companionship as a friend, leaving her heartbroken.

Cole ultimately chose not to accompany Grady to New York, and their romantic aspirations remained unfulfilled. Despite the challenges, Cole cherished their love, reflecting, “It was a very wonderful love for many years.”

Cole’s Last Conversation with Grady Before His Passing In 2008, Cole and Grady shared a final encounter at a co-star’s memorial service. Though awkward, they embraced warmly. However, beneath the surface, Cole sensed something amiss, later learning of Grady’s cancer diagnosis through mutual acquaintances.

Despite uncertainty, Cole reached out to him, expressing her love. Grady responded, acknowledging their bond and expressing eternal affection. Three weeks later, he passed away.

Cole and Grady: Building Families Despite Love’s Challenges Though their love was undeniable, Cole and Grady navigated separate paths, each starting families of their own. Cole embraced grandmotherhood while Grady found fulfillment as a husband and father.

With four children, Cole finds joy in her role as a grandmother, sharing glimpses of her family on social media. Grady, too, found contentment in family life, with his son Joey following in his entertainment footsteps and daughter Tessa making her mark in show business.

Despite life’s twists and turns, Cole and Grady’s love endures, cherished in memories and celebrated through the legacies they’ve left behind.