Guess what? Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a really exciting surprise!

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are going to have a baby together, and when the baby arrives, their family will have a total of four kids. Gwen has three sons from a previous marriage: Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston Lowe. Zane Lowe’s sister, Daisy Lowe, is also expecting her first child, making their sibling relationship official for the first time. Gavin Rossdale, Gwen’s ex-husband, is happy about the new baby and is the biological father of both Gwen’s kids and Blake’s stepchildren. Everyone in the family is really excited about the upcoming arrival of the new baby.



He played a really important role in raising all four kids in Los Angeles. He tries hard to visit Daisy in the UK because they have a strong relationship.

Gwen, Blake, and Gavin work very hard to give their kids the best upbringing.

In October 2022, Jordan and Daisy shared happy news that they’re going to have a baby. They posted a beautiful black-and-white picture of Daisy with her growing belly.

Daisy shared her feelings about the news, saying, “We’re so happy to be adding a new member to our family! We feel really lucky and can’t wait to start this new chapter. I’m feeling a lot of emotions, like joy, excitement, a little fear, and unfortunately, morning sickness.”

This will be the first time Gavin becomes a grandfather, and he’s sure that his sons will enjoy having their own grandchildren.

It’s not surprising that people gather at Daisy’s home to show their love and celebrate with her because she’s from her father’s country.

Gavin, to remember the new additions to his family, took beautiful pictures of all his four children. Each picture showed how much the child had grown in the past 12 months.

While Daisy was in Los Angeles, she got Father’s Day pictures from her beloved father and got very emotional. In the note that came with the pictures, he expressed his love for Daisy and the rest of the family, including his loyal dog Chewy and his dependable horse Apollo.

Daisy cried tears of joy as she thanked him for the sweet times spent together. Her words echoed like the endless ocean, lasting forever.