Mariska Hargitay adopted kids from different races, and one of them came into her life after a challenging and difficult process, almost like falling from the sky.

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When Mariska Hargitay was 42, she had her first biological child, a baby boy named August, born by Caesarean section. Even after several attempts to expand their family, Mariska and her husband, Peter Hermann, wanted a larger family. So, they decided to adopt.

Mariska is a famous actress known for her role as Detective Olivia Benson in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” She has achieved a lot in her career, winning Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Besides acting, she also directed episodes of the show.

In addition to her career, Mariska is passionate about helping survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. She founded a non-profit organization called “Joyful Heart Foundation” to support this cause.

Mariska and Peter got married in 2004, and their family grew when they adopted multiracial children. One of them, who came into their lives after a challenging process, is described as if they “fell from the sky.”

Mariska not only excels in her career but also values family life. Becoming a mom later in life made every day more meaningful for her. Her first child, August, brought a new depth and richness to her life, making everything more special and soulful.



After Mariska Hargitay had her first baby, it was tough for her to get pregnant again because of her age. But her son wished for siblings, and both Mariska and her husband, Peter Hermann, wanted a big family since they came from large families themselves.

Even before having their own children, Mariska and Peter always planned to adopt kids. Mariska, who lost her mother when she was young, understood that being a mom didn’t have to mean a biological connection.



Mariska Hargitay and her husband wanted to adopt a child after facing difficulties getting pregnant again. They found a great adoption lawyer and started their journey. They went through a lot, including false starts and cases that didn’t work out.

One time, they met a pregnant young woman who was expecting a girl. After a thorough process, they arranged to meet her. Mariska was excited after the meeting. She and the birth mother talked for a month, and when it was time for the delivery, the birth mother called Mariska. When Mariska got to the hospital, they handed her the newborn.

Mariska and her husband spent two happy days with the baby and even gave her a name. Sadly, the birth mother changed her mind, and it was heartbreaking for Mariska. Despite the pain, Mariska saw it as a happy ending for the birth mother.

Even though their first attempt was heartbreaking, Mariska and her husband decided to try again. They wanted to adopt a girl for their son August, who wanted a sister. They met another expectant woman, and things seemed too good to be true.

The birth mom was African-American, but her race didn’t matter to Mariska and her husband. Medical reports initially said she would have a boy, but it turned out to be a mistake, and it was a girl. Mariska was in the delivery room and even helped deliver the baby.

Before the baby was born, they decided to give her the same initials as August. They named her Amaya, which means “princess,” “warrior,” and “night rain” in different languages.



Mariska Hargitay and her husband didn’t plan on having a third child. After adopting Amaya, their son August wanted a brother. Mariska said the timing to have more kids felt just right. She called the arrival of their second son, Andrew, a miracle, saying he “fell out of the sky and into our home.”

As they were getting used to having Andrew, they sadly lost a close friend named Andrew. Shortly after, their lawyer called to tell them about a baby boy born two months early and in fragile health.




After releasing the boy from the neonatal intensive care unit, the couple found out he was available for adoption. They quickly went to the hospital, met the birth mother, and learned about her challenging journey. Everything happened fast, and in just two days, the boy, whom they named Andrew after their lost friend, became a part of their family.

Mariska Hargitay, the actress, loves raising kids with diverse interests. Andrew took “Big Muscles” classes to help with his development, especially since he was born prematurely. Amaya enjoys music and dancing when there’s music and drumming.

All the kids take swimming classes because water safety is important to Mariska as a parent. She pays attention to each child’s likes and supports them accordingly. August, as the older brother, loves his role and wanted more siblings around, hoping for another sister to balance the number of boys and girls.

Mariska, who is emotionally connected to her family and hands-on as a mom, believes that her kids have made her a better parent by teaching her to really listen. She sees her husband as her guiding star and her kids as her teachers. Despite the challenges in the early years of adoption, Mariska wouldn’t have wanted it any other way because her family is perfect for her. Feel free to share this heartwarming story with your friends and family.