Mother Shocked To See Her Child Bowed His Knee In Walmart To Pray

Some time ago, Young Braydon went with his mother to Walmart, the largest food retailer in the United States.

They weren’t there for long before his mother began to worry about Braydon’s whereabouts.

After a brief period of panicked searching, she found him…

The first thing she did was scold him for wandering off. But when she saw him praying in front of a sign, she had to wonder why. At that point, she turned her attention to the sign.

Every parent’s worst nightmare is losing their child, even momentarily.

In reality, it happens often, especially in busy places like shopping malls and supermarkets.

This was also the case for Braydon’s mom. She needed to get out of Walmart as quickly as possible.

Faith Tap quotes Braydon’s mother saying, “I had to rush into Walmart. I walked around to make sure my son was right next to me.”

He wasn’t, of course. Braydon had devised a quick escape from his mother.

As soon as she laid eyes on her son, Braydon was kneeling down in front of a sign. He was praying in a store.

In disbelief, she demanded to know what he was doing. However, as she approached the sign, she began to understand her son’s actions better.

In large letters, it said, “Every second counts.” Next to those words were pictures of missing children.

After seeing the sign, Braydon broke away from his mother and prayed to God for the safety of the children.

The poignant photo and its accompanying story spread rapidly across the internet.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding missing teenager Aubrey Jayce Carroll (who went missing in 2016) came across Braydon’s story and decided to pay tribute to him.

“While I’m not sure who this little boy is, I want to thank him for offering prayers for those children. My cousin Aubrey Carroll is one of the children up there. I can’t deny that this has touched me. If I knew where or who he was, I would like to formally thank this kid.”

Since it was posted, the photo of Braydon kneeling before the sign on Facebook has been shared more than 115,000 times.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that every year, 800,000 American children and adolescents go missing. You must agree that this is an astonishing number.

The simplest way to put it is in the words of one Facebook commenter who shared the image: “Whether or not you believe in God really doesn’t matter.”

This young person was helping others and doing what he could in Walmart. If everyone followed his example, the world would be a better place.

I’m really proud of you, Mom! You’re laying a solid foundation here.

God bless his soul, I respect the centrality of faith to his understanding.