Tiger Woods’ 16-year-old daughter is helping him as his caddy in a golf championship. Check out how she looks today!

On Saturday in Orlando, Tiger Woods had a great family day on the golf course. His 16-year-old daughter, Sam, became his caddie for the first time. They were playing in the PNC Championships at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, where past champions team up with their family members.

Tiger Woods usually plays golf with his 14-year-old son, Charlie, in family tournaments. But this time was extra special because his oldest child, 16-year-old Sam, joined in as his caddie. She happily carried his golf bag, and she even drove him to the next hole in a golf cart. It was a unique and joyful experience for the Woods family golf tradition.



Tiger Woods, who is 47 years old, felt really proud after the first round of golf on Saturday. He talked to GolfWeek and said, “Sam was fantastic. This is the first time she’s ever done this, so it couldn’t have been any more special for all of us. For me to have both of my kids inside the ropes like this and participating and playing and being part of the game of golf like this, it couldn’t have been more special for me.”

He mentioned that having these moments in a tournament setting felt even more special than their usual playful banter during family golf outings at home.

Even though Woods is usually a caddy himself, often supporting his son Charlie in junior events, he got a taste of his son’s perspective. When asked about Tiger’s caddie skills, Charlie jokingly said to GolfWeek, “For dad as a caddie, his reads are hook-bias, and I don’t hook as much as he does. So all of my putts, I miss right. So, I have to account for that.”



Tiger Woods has two kids, Sam and Charlie, with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. Sam made a notable appearance in March 2022 when Tiger was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. She gave a heartfelt speech, talking about the challenges their family faced after Tiger’s serious car crash in Los Angeles. Sam praised her dad’s strength, mentioning his achievements like being the first Black and Asian golfer to win a Major and overcoming health problems.

In her speech, Sam celebrated Tiger’s fighting spirit and was grateful for his recovery. She said (as reported by Entertainment Tonight), “About a year ago, you were stuck in your hospital bed at one of your ultimate lows at one of the scariest moments of your life and ours. We didn’t know if you’d come home with two legs or not. Now, not only are you being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but you’re standing here, on your own two feet.”

It’s heartwarming to see how much Tiger Woods’ children admire and love their father!