Why Men Prefer Slim Women. Number 2 Is A Little Bit Sensitive But Always True

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1. Slim women are usually found attractive

They have thin legs and arms, tight body and absolutely no folds. You bet they are indeed attractive. They are able to slay body fit dresses effortlessly, rock high heels like crazy with their straight posture. And not to mention when they are in lin,,gerie… (ok, bye)

2. Slim women are perceived as sekzually agile

Ok, not hating on my plus size queens but let us face it, slim girls r0ck them fellas really good. You know, they are lighter in weight, easily controllable in bed and all that stuff. So the guys who are equally active in bed wouldn’t want to be cheated. Its like Game of Thrones (think about it).

3. Slim women are usually seen as healthy

I know you might be surprised because probably you know a slim girl who can’t even walk 3 blocks and eats junk like no body’s business. Yeah, my bestie is just like that. But since they are the ones with the flat bellies and smaller waistlines, brisk walks like they are on the Victoria Secret runway and so on, guys naturally want to think they are healthier than the plus-sized ladies. (I know you rolled your eyes again)

4. Slim women seem healthier for having babies

Slim women are perceived healthy, it is like the system is prepared for anything and they have lesser fat, it is believed that the womb is stronger and can easily carry the fetus with no complications.