A saleswoman made fun of a customer for her size. Later, the saleswoman unexpectedly visited the customer at her boyfriend’s home for Christmas.

Not long ago, I went to the mall to pick a dress for Christmas dinner. There’s a girl named Claire who works in sales. She has a unique way of spreading holiday cheer, let’s put it that way.


So, at the store, she acted like a fashion critic. When I tried on a dress she picked, she started making fun of me. She said loudly for everyone to hear, “You definitely need a bigger size, or it’ll blow up on you on Christmas, or maybe a diet will help you.”

So, there I was at the store, dealing with a sassy girl’s rude comments about the dress she chose for me. People around were surprised or laughing. I didn’t have the time or energy to confront her, so I just left.

When I got home, I tried talking to my husband, but he wasn’t available. I ended up sharing the whole incident with my son, and he got really mad. He wanted to know the shop’s name to confront the saleswoman, but I stopped him to avoid more trouble.

On Christmas Eve, I was excited to meet my son’s girlfriend for the first time. The whole family gathered, making it a special day. When the couple entered the house, I was shocked to realize that my son’s girlfriend was the same woman who mocked me in the shop.

Here’s the interesting part. Claire, the saleswoman, turned red with embarrassment when she realized who I was. She wanted to leave, claiming she suddenly felt unwell. I thought about kicking her out but decided to give her another chance. Maybe she had problems that day. As the hostess, I put on a smile and said, “Oh, Claire, it’s so great to finally meet you! Please come! We’ll take care of you.”


As we sat down for dinner, there was some tension in the air. The young woman, trying to act cool, avoided looking at me, the supposed clueless mother. Little did she know what was coming. We had a great dinner, laughing and talking about everything. Our relatives shared their stories from the year. Everyone felt relaxed, except for one person.

She nervously made jokes, sometimes even mean ones, making my mother-in-law uncomfortable a few times. My son tried to stop her, but for me, that was enough.

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for. In the middle of the Christmas feast, I decided to share a surprise. “I wouldn’t want to ruin our Christmas, but there’s someone who shouldn’t be here,” I said. I told the whole family what Claire said to me in the shop. The truth hung in the air, and you could practically hear a pin drop.

Everyone, especially my son, looked shocked. Claire, who liked making fun of others, was suddenly in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

My son, bless him, couldn’t believe it. Without hesitation, he took charge. He looked at Claire with disappointment and disbelief, and right then and there, he kicked her out, ending their relationship on the spot.



When Claire packed her stuff and left, it felt like a kind of fairness. The person who didn’t mind making fun of someone’s looks was now dealing with the results of her own words.

Afterward, as we cleaned up the leftovers from what was supposed to be a happy Christmas dinner, my son came up to me. He thanked me for being truthful and revealing Claire’s real character. He realized he deserved someone who treated others with kindness and respect.



Justice doesn’t take a holiday. And sometimes, the best gift you can receive is the truth, even if it comes with a side of unexpected drama. Cheers to a Christmas I’ll never forget!

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