‘Golden Bachelor’ couple share major announcement three months after wedding

Gerry Turner, aged 74, and Theresa Nist, aged 70, have reached a mutual decision to part ways.

The couple, who found love on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor, disclosed this development to Juju Chang on Good Morning America on Friday.

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“Theresa and I have engaged in numerous heartfelt discussions, closely examining our circumstances, including our living arrangements, and we have mutually concluded that it’s time for us to dissolve our marriage,” Turner conveyed to Chang.

“We’ve received an overwhelming amount of love and support from viewers of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and we can’t emphasize enough how many people have shared with us that our story gave them hope,” Nist added. “We hope that sentiment remains unchanged for everyone.”

Turner proposed to Nist during the season finale of The Golden Bachelor’s first season, and they subsequently tied the knot in a lavish ceremony earlier this year.

Initially, Turner and Nist expressed unwavering commitment to each other, despite the geographical distance between them – Turner resides in Indiana, while Nist resides in New Jersey. However, they later realized their strong dedication to their respective families.

“We explored residences in South Carolina, contemplated New Jersey, and considered various options, but we never reached a definitive decision,” Nist explained.

“In our conversations, what stands out the most is our unwavering commitment to our families,” Turner remarked. “Upon reflection, we both believe that living apart is the best path to individual happiness.”

Although Turner and Nist will lead separate lives, they intend to cherish the fond memories they shared.

“I still hold deep affection for Theresa. There’s no doubt in my mind; my love for her endures. I root for her every single day,” Turner expressed.

“I still harbor love for him,” Nist reciprocated.