Dancy from What Women Want» through years! This is what age has done to iconic actress Helen Hunt

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When you take a look at Helen Hunt’s new unedited photos taken by freelance photographers, it surely will become clear for you that Helen Hunt prefers natural ageing. You all probably remember her as Dancy from “What Women Want”

Unlike millions of show business celebrities, she hasn’t undergone any surgery and regrets nothing. Hunt doesn’t feel ashamed of her age at all and proudly shows her wrinkles, saggy skin and other age-related changes.

Am I the only one who didn’t recognize her at once?, Mel Gibson would be disappointed!, Icons age too!, If I am not mistaken, she is the actress from What Women Want. What time has done to her!

Bravo! We all got sick and tired of all those artificial faces and really wanted to see you ageing naturally, Nothing, even age, can ruin her timeless beauty!, Envy silently! She doesn’t have to meet all your expectations.